[TH] Happy Birthday

[TH] Happy Birthday 1.0.3

No permission to buy ($10.00)
I am very disappointed to buy this add on.

1. The customer support response is very long.
2. The user interface is not good. to change the words in email is very difficult.
3. Cron does not work, I change it in settings so that speech can be sent at 00.00. in fact, sent emails are irregular. sent at 09.51 and 08.41.
4. Why do you give the option to replace the words in the option, if that doesn't work? I have to manually replace the language phrase.
Users in my forum really enjoy when they receive PCs or Emails containing something that show them we are paying attention to them. We have different plans for different goals. But saying "Happy Birthday" to a user will really get him/her happy. This add-on a the best way to reach this goal. 5 Stars for it (because even now its awesome), although I'm waiting for updates. (Thanks Wang and wish you the best)
Many thanks for your rating and kind words sir.