[TH] Global Ignore

[TH] Global Ignore 1.1.2

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Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed the undefined index error that would pop up if guests encountered a globally ignored user while posting
Bugs Fixed:
  • Globally ignored user content would show incorrectly on user profiles in latest content, and in search results
  • Globally ignored user threads would still display
New Features:
  • Ability to hide all posts by user
  • Ability to hide new posts by user
This add-on has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve usability and code quality

Note: Because this add-on was rebuilt there is an extra step required before you are able to upgrade to 1.1.0, though this should be a quick and easy step.

Upgrade Instructions:
  1. You will want to install [TH] Global Ignore as a new add-on rather than upgrading the version you already have installed.
    1. Once you do this the old version will automatically be renamed to [TH] Global Ignore (Legacy) - Do not uninstall the old version yet
  2. On all AdminCP pages you will be prompted to import your data from the legacy version, or you can go directly to admin.php?tools/import and choose the "Upgrade [TH] Global Ignore from legacy version" option to import your ignored users from the old version into the new version.
  3. Uninstall the [TH] Global Ignore (Legacy) add-on