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Fonts Manager


Sick of editing .js-Files to get your fonts into the editor? Sick of them not being rendered in the Redactor but in posts only? Here's your solution: the Fonts Manager. Order your fonts! Create new fonts! All in your hands.

Features include:
  • Order Fonts in Redactor Dropdown
  • Create new Font Sets
  • Upload Custom Fonts
  • Include Google Webfonts
  • (De-)Activate Fonts at will*
  • Grant Permission to use Google Webfonts not included in the editor by default
  • Maintain a Blacklist/Whitelist of Webfonts
*Deactivated custom fonts will not be available throughout the site until you turn them on again. Deactivated default fonts may still be used but will no longer be shown in the redactor dropdown.

Installation, Upgrade, and Deinstallation

  • Upload all content of the 'Upload'-Folder to your XenForo root folder. Overwrite files as necessary.
  • Head to your XenForo-ACP -> Home -> Install Add-On
  • Install the Add-On with the .xml-File that comes with it.

  • Head to your XenForo-ACP -> Home -> List Add-Ons
  • Search for "[TH] Fonts Manager" and hit the red X on the right side of the list entry.
  • Navigate to your XenForo-Root and delete the following folders:
    • library/ThemeHouse/FontsManager
    • js/ThemeHouse/FontsManager
  • If this is your last/only Add-On of me, delete library/ThemeHouse completely.
  • Upload all contents of the 'Upload'-Folder to your XenForo root folder. Overwrite files as necessary.
  • Head to your XenForo-ACP -> Home -> List Add-Ons
  • Search for "[TH] Fonts Manager" and select "Upgrade Add-on" from the Controls-Dropdown
  • Upgrade the Add-On with the .xml-File that comes with it.
  • When Upgrading from a previous First-Dot-Release (X.x.x), check out the Patch Notes on the 'Updates'-Tab to receive information on additional steps that might need to be taken.

Functionality has been tested on XenForo 1.5. No known incompatibilities.
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Latest reviews

Quick, simple, easy, and painless. As someone who runs a forum based around roleplay and tabletop this addons really helps us pick fonts to use for flavor text. It's awesome.
A great add-on that gives users the ability to add some personalization to all of their forum posts.
Great to have and should be built into XenForo imo.

Our members love having custom font functionality without being limited to only a few basic ones.
Thanks for this! I was wanting to add some missing web safe fonts like Comic Sans MS, Impact and Lucida. Your add-on allowed me to complete the task. Thanks!
Excellent add-on and with version 1.1.1 I'm finally able to install local fonts. It is working fine. Thanks for this useful add-on and great support. Keep it up!
Awesome. Since coming to xf from vb, we missed our fonts from editor.
Now we have them again, in easiest way.
Also with this new version, it became possible to have them with titles in our language. Great!
Thanks a lot, and I wish you the best.