[TH] Font Awesome BBCode

[TH] Font Awesome BBCode 1.0.0 Alpha 3

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1.4, 1.5
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Font Awesome BBCode

A simple BBCode addition to allow the use of Font Awesome within posts.

  • All 519 Font Awesome icons included...
  • Control color, size, etc...
  • Works in conversations...
  • Great for Wiki's, Guides, FAQ's...

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Font Awesome Choices

Rich Text Editor

BBCode Editor

End Result


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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.0 Alpha 3 - Support for FontAwesome 4.4.0

    Updated to support all of the new icons included in FontAwesome 4.4.0

Latest reviews

it seems that when I install this addon without the UI.X Addon, it does not work. Please explain why this is so?
Hello, we just had two people test this on UI.X and found no issues at all. Try reinstalling the add-on to see if your issues continue. If they do, post it down in the add-on thread discussion so we can view the errors you're experiencing.

If you'd like, provide a link to your board so we can test it out.
It's pretty good. However it would be nice if there was another listing way (with icons only), or even a way to search icons as it's not really easy to add them.
Thanks for your feedback, makes a lot of sense, definitely. Will add it to our list.
there are some icons i can't see. i can see only the names. also the button in editor , when mouse over, it's get white. When you fix this, i'll gave 5stars. :-D
Thank you in advance and cheers.
I've looked into this and am not able to replicate it. Would you mind sending a PM to @Jake B. with a site URL?