[TH] Extend Post Ratings

Unmaintained [TH] Extend Post Ratings 1.0.3

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This update includes the following fixes:

  • Disabled ratings no longer show up as tabs
  • classes on the tabs so you will be able to customize them with something such as this -Thanks @Sheldon!
  • Default rating to show when you load the leaderboard page - This defaults to the first tab displayed
  • Sidebar block for the top rating receivers - NOTE: This was prematurely released due to the other issues that made this add-on semi-unusable to some users who have disabled ratings so there are performance issues with this sidebar. This is currently adding an extra query for every rating you have enabled which can cause some performace issues, so this feature is disabled by default. It does work, however on a larger board this may become an issue (On an empty XenForo install with the default post rating settings there are a total of 28 queries on the index with this enabled, opposed to 13 without it - this will be more or less depending on the number of ratings you have enabled).
Post Ratings Statistics page.

After you update to this version you will need to go into your AdminCP => Tools => Rebuild Caches and "Rebuild Likes Cache" as XenForo does not store the number of likes you have given, and I had to create this functionality.