[TH] Email Reports

Unmaintained [TH] Email Reports 1.1.2

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New features:
  • Now includes separate email template for posts reported, including node title and thread title.
New features:
  • Improved support for XenForo 1.2 and better compatibility with other add-ons.
Note: if you are upgrading from Email Notice on Reports (version 1.1 or below), install this add-on as a new add-on and it will automatically uninstall that add-on.
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New features:
  • Finally Global Moderators are included with the email notice. Thanks to ManOnDaMoon for allowing me to integrate his improvements to the add-on:cool:
Known Issue
  • Content/Forum Moderators (aka not super/global mods) can receive reports for sections they have no power in (so they can't access reports). This will be fixed in 1.2.
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