[TH] Editor Post Templates

Unmaintained [TH] Editor Post Templates 1.0.3

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  • Fixed script eating up multiple new lines.
  • Now supports UTF-8 Characters
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the editor button not to appear.
  • Fixed a small, non-vital bug causing a JS-Console error to be shown.
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  • Changed Version Number
  • That's it... nothing else
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  • Fixed a bug sometimes rendering users unable to create new templates even though they should be able to
  • No longer displays an editor button if a user has no templates to use
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  • Simplified install routine. Not as fancy anymore, but hey, it works...
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing an error to be shown above the page with an editor
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  • Maybe this time :mad:
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  • Rewrote install routine to prevent issues.
  • Fixed an error appearing when ressource manager was not installed.