[TH] Donate

[TH] Donate 1.1.2

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  • Resolved an issue that would prevent donation and campaign comments from being ajax-submitted, triggering a page reload.
  • Resolved an styling issue with donation comments.
  • Added a per-campaign option to limit listed donations to the last X days.
  • Resolved a phrasing issue for recurring tooltips.
  • Donation and campaign comment editor now lazy-load (similar to profile post editor).
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Bugs Fixed:
  • Fields missing from Setup.php during install process (Only affects fresh installs of 1.1.1, not upgrades)
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed an issue that caused rebuilding to contain the number of donations rather than the sum of donations instead
  • Improved padding on the extended footer widget area
  • Fixed an issue that caused the custom amount field to not be hidden when a preset amount is selected
  • Fixed goals widget alignment and a visibility issue

  • Added search index for campaigns, donation messages, and campaign comments
  • Added comment functionality for donations
  • Added functionality to visually separate completed and uncompleted campaigns on the overview page that are active
  • Added functionality to limit donations when a campaign is closer to its goal
  • Added functionality that allows recurring donations by default
  • Added functionality to lock the campaign when the goal is reached
  • Added functionality to show a "Thank You" message after a successful donation which is shown with any payment method you use on your campaigns
Important! This add-on no longer supports XenForo 2.0. Please upgrade to XenForo 2.1 first, before updating to this version.

  • Added full support for XenForo 2.1 reactions.
  • Add option to hide total donation amount for a campaign.
  • Sidebar blocks are now available as customizable widgets.
  • Added ability for user to choose not to disclose amount of their donation.
  • Now able to specify cents/pence in all donation amounts.
Bug fixes:
  • "[E_NOTICE] Trying to get property 'amount' of non-object" error.
  • Deleting donation doesn't update user caches.
  • Fixed missing/incorrect phrases.
  • Removed xf_user table fields from user change log and delete phrases.
  • Inactive campaigns are still viewable.
Bugs fixed:
  • Missing phrase: goal
  • Donate and Reaction error
  • Campaign cover edit title phrase incorrect
  • Missing phrases in user change log
  • Missing template: like_item_thdonate_campaigncomment
  • Missing template: like_item_thdonate_donation
  • Missing template: news_feed_item_thdonate_donation_like
  • Missing template: news_feed_item_thdonate_campaigncomment_like
  • Missing template: news_feed_item_thdonate_campaigncomment_react
  • Missing template: news_feed_item_thdonate_donation_react
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Bugs fixed:
  • Donations always set to recurring if allowed to be recurring
  • Campaign cover not refreshing after upload
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent people from interacting with campaigns if they did not have [TH] Reactions installed.
  • Fixed an issue that would potentially prevent people from upgrading to 1.0.4 or higher when attempting to upgrade from the XenForo 1 version or previously having upgraded from the XF1 version.
  • Fixed an "attempt to convert null to float" error potentially being triggered when rebuilding users donation amounts.
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  • Reaching milestones now triggers alerts, which are sent to the same users that receive alerts on donations.
  • Manually adding a donation on behalf of a user through the admin control panel now supports sending the user a notification.
  • Recurring donations are now available for all payment providers that support recurring payments.
  • It is now possible to allow custom donation amounts in addition to a set of predefined amounts.
  • Donation messages now support direct linking.
  • Donation messages now support likes and reactions.
  • Campaign descriptions now support likes and reactions.
  • Campaigns now support a full-fledged comment system.
  • A permission has been added that allows users to view anonymous donators and their donation amounts.
  • Added a privacy setting that allows users to control who they disclose their profiles donation statistics to.
  • Campaigns now support setting an icon and cover image.
  • The campaign overview and campaign view pages have been completely reworked to offer a more streamlined user experience and to incorporate all new features.
  • Campaign milestones can now be quicksorted in the admin control panel.
Bugs fixed:
  • Selecting more than one payment provider does no longer result in occasional display quirks.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a users donation amount from being updated correctly on certain occassions.
  • Fixed a bug that would create fake donations when upgrading from XenForo 1.
Bugs fixed:
  • The ACP donation list is now correctly sorted by donation date, descending.
  • Entering an invalid username for manual donations no longer triggers a code error when submitting.
  • Donations can now be made anonymous through the ACP.
  • Campaign listings no longer show the progress as always 100%.
  • The donation date is now listed on the ACP donation list entry.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed the issue with reset dates which might result in an infinite loop
  • Fixed the issue with manual donations and donation amount edits which didn’t update users total donation amounts
  • Fixed issues with who donated notifications
  • Fixed the issue that caused campaigns from resetting
  • Improved ACP usability
  • Added the option to animate the progress bar
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