Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
Additional requirements
PHP 5.3.0
Updates duration
12 months, $20 updates
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
[TH] Credits: Core - The ultimate digital currency add-on

This add-on incorporates into your board a credits system that supports multiple currencies, 20+ events (more to come!), an awesome dashboard to monitor all transactions and events, integration with PayPal, supports user group promotions and much more.

  • Multiple currencies
    • Prefixes and suffixes for each currency
    • Supports decimal points and decimal symbols
    • Supports negative credit balances
    • Each currency can have a conversion rate to a real currency for withdrawals

  • Alerts when actions are completed

  • Credit withdrawals

  • Give credits to:
    • A single user
    • An entire user group at one time
    • All users at one time

  • Friendly admin interface

  • Option to disable navigation tab

  • Permissions for major functionality

  • HTML markup for currencies

  • Choose amount (whether it takes or gives) for any number of currencies, assign to certain user groups, and revert actions automatically

  • Events on which credits are automatically given/taken:
    • Daily Login: Triggers the first time a user views the board each day
    • Upload Avatar: Triggers when a user first uploads an avatar
    • Create New Thread: Triggers when a user creates a new thread
    • Thread Deleted: Triggers when a user's thread is deleted
    • Create New Post: Triggers when a user creates a new post
    • Post Deleted: Triggers when a user's post is deleted
    • Like Content: Triggers when a user likes content (Applies to the 'liker')
    • Content Received Like: Triggers when a user likes content (Applies to the 'likee')
    • Registration: Triggers when a user creates a new account
    • Trophy Received: Triggers when a user receives a new trophy
    • Vote On Poll: Triggers when a user votes on a poll
    • Follow User: Triggers when a user follows another user (Applies to the follower)
    • Get A Follower: Triggers when a user follows another user (Applies to the user followed)
    • Download Attachment: Triggers when a user downloads an attachment for the first time (Applies to the downloader)
    • Attachment Downloaded: Triggers when a user downloads an attachment for the first time (Applies to the uploader)
    • Create resource: Triggers when using the XenForo Resource Manager and someone creates a resource
    • Rate a resource: Triggers when using the XenForo Resource Manager and someone rates a resource
    • Share media: Triggers when using the XenForo Media Gallery and someone posts any media
    • Give Rating: Triggers when someone rates a post via Post Ratings
    • More to come!

If you have any questions regarding this add-on feature please do not hesitate to ask in the discussion thread.

We hope the following screenshots will give an insight into how [TH] Credits: Core can benefit your community:

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0.13 released

    Fixes issue when transferring non-default currency that causes the amount to reset to the number...
  2. 1.0.11 Patch 4

    Implemented a few bugfixes.
  3. 1.0.11 Patch 2

    1.0.11 Patch 2 + Fixes issue with HTML prefixes/suffixes for currencies + "Thread Gets Reply"...

Latest reviews

I've had a lot of success with this add-on while running into several issues with other similar ones. Absolutely fantastic and does exactly what it says that it should, but I would like to request a feature. The ability to view a user's lifetime earnings for each form of currency. It would be preferable for this to only be visible to the individual user or the staff of the site, but that part would not be entirely necessary..
I've looked into the code of this add-on on the server of one of my clients.
And I was surprised of a good and a rock solid quality of the code of this add-on.
Quality code is a rare thing in the third party add-ons :)
We moved from vBulletin to XenForo and one of our sites was using the vBCredits add-on. Audentio was great to work with getting an importer created to carry over our members credits. The add-on works great and is very flexible. Highly recommend this add-on if you need a credits based system for your forum.
I recently upgraded to this addon to replace ******* Credits. The design is much cleaner and it looks a lot better on my community. Audentio Design is a much more trustworthy organization than *******, and I am glad they have produced such a quality alternative to the original credits addon. I will enjoy seeing more plugins use this, and can't wait to watch this grow! Importing user credits from my old addon to this one was a snap!
The Package feature for Multiple Currencies makes this product worth it's weight in gold. Awesome system guys, can't wait to see it evolve. The shop system is epic and easy to setup. Support is second to none and awesome!
Thanks so much Robert!! Im glad you like multiple currencies, we dedated on that for a bit but knew it was a needed feature. We look forward to developing it more. Thanks for the review!
The ultimate digital currency addon with any XenForo board. A beautifully made user interface on the back and front end - let's not forget that it is also functionally powerful too!

Purchased Credits Shop addon extension for a superior commerce experience. Highly recommend others to look up to all of Audentio's products!
Thank you so much Artie! We are hoping the dashboard is quite useful for admins! Lots of very useful statistics. :) I appreciate you taking the time to review!
Such an easy migration from ******* Credits. This addon is much more tailored to my needs. Pair it with the Credits Shop addon, your users will love it.
Glad you like the system! Thank you so much for writing the review! Happy to have you as a supporter and beta tester!
Finally another option for XF owners to have to get "points/credits/money" for their forum activity. Solid group putting this modification out, trustworthy, and continually striving to put out a better product. Quick with help, fixing small bugs, etc.

Installed at, no issues thus far. Users seem to have picked up activity since installation. Will shortly be combining with their shop add-on to complete everything.

Look forward to the future development, and expect nothing but the best from Audentio Design.
Thank you again Sheldon, you are too kind to us. I am very appreciative you gave our add-on a try and glad it is working out! We look forward to new features as well, got a whole list ready!