• Item Pack product type
    • This will allow you to set a 'rarity' to other product types to determine how likely they are to show up in an Item Pack. On each item pack you can set which items have a possibility of showing up in it, and how many items will be given.
  • Option to hide inventory icons from guests (both globally, and per product)
NOTE: You will need to rebuild your inventory cache after updating to this version, this can be done at Tools -> Rebuild Caches.

Also: If you get an error while creating an "Item Pack" product, this is because you have no other products that have the rarity set. Just set the rarity on some of your other products and this will go away. A nicer error message for this will be implemented in the next release :)
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  • Certain permission products not behaving properly
  • Unexpected behaviors when gifting products
  • Ability to 'discard' a product you have already purchased
  • Assorted minor bugfixes
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Added compatability with [AD] Notifications for Product Purchases
This patch fixes a couple minor issues pointed out including:
· Products are not removed from purchase list when they are deleted
· Uninstaller does not remove all tables
· Template errors with certain configurations
  • Created option to disable the Inventory system
  • Ability to sell gift cards/key codes (Originally requested by @Mike Edge, and a few other users)
  • Fixed issue with tabs on profiles showing the incorrect content with some Add-ons
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This release includes the following new features:
  • "Inventory" system
  • Maximum active purchases of a product that a user can own
  • Limited stock of items in the shop -- For example, an item that only 3 users can buy before it is out of stock.
This release fixes all of the known bugs that we were able to replicate.
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This release fixes a few bugs pointed out by our beta testers such as:
  • Error after creating a new product (missing product_id)
  • Missing phrases
This release also adds a 'confirmation' page before purchasing a product from the shop.