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[TH] Attachment Moderation 1.0

Place attachments posted on forums on moderation queue

  1. ThemeHouse
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Visible Branding:
    Yes, but removable with payment


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    About this add-on

    This add-on is designed to add a moderation settings for attachments posted on your forum. Admin can put groups on moderation for posting atatchments. They will not be shown in posts until they have have been approved. To moderate a group for posting attachments, a new permission setting is now available in group permissions, Follow message attachment moderation rules:

    Moderated attachments in posts will be seen by users with xenforo 's View moderated threads / posts: permission setting and post owners.

    Moderated attachments in Moderation Queue will show only to those users with with xenforo 's Approve / unapprove threads / posts permissions.

    Even when someone edits a post and uploads an attachment, it will still go to the moderation queue.


    When an user 's attachment has been moderated, approved or deleted from the moderation qeue, they will receive an alert.

    Attachment Moderation Forum Exclusions

    Select forums where attachments will not be moderated. Forums can be selected in the Attachment option group settings, by going to Attachment Moderation Forum Exclusions option.

    Whitelist Attachment File Extensions

    List the file extensions that will not be moderated. Use spaces or line break between extensions. This setting can be found also in the Attachment option group settings.

    Inline attachment approval/unapproval

    Moderator Log

    All approval, unapproval and deletion of attachments are logged in the Moderator log.

    An option to approve and unapprove attachments for multiple posts, is available in the inline moderation tool. It can be used by users with xenforo 's Approve / unapprove threads / posts: permission setting.




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