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Admin Tools
This add-on offers a collection of handy tools to ease your life as a forum administrator.

Features include:
  • Fully anonymize users with a single button click:
    • Replace their username with a auto-generated new name.
    • Replace their e-mail address with one linking to your board.
    • Delete all logged IP addresses.
    • Delete all their profile information (date of birth, signature, website, location, custom title, about you), two-factor authentication data, connected account provider data, avatars, [optional] warnings & bans, [optional] soft deleted content, custom user fields.
    • [Optional] disable their user accounts.
    • Replace their password with a auto-generated 256 byte long random string.
    • Automatically log them out on all devices.
    • Empty their user change log.
  • Sort your frontend style picker.
  • Create privacy reports for your users.
    • Including:
      • Profile Data
      • User about data
      • Preferences
      • Follow & Ignore Lists
      • Activity Log
      • Alerts
      • Posts
      • Profile Posts
      • Conversations
      • IP Data
    • Add-on authors may extend this functionality to add their own content to the privacy report generation.
  • Additional functionality is planned.
  • Feel free to suggest more tools in the discussion.
Installation, Upgrade, and Deinstallation
  1. Upload the content of the upload-folder to your XenForo root directory.
  2. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and install Admin Tools.
  1. Read the patch notes for potential additional necessary steps!
  2. Upload the content of the upload-folder to your XenForo root directory. Overwrite files when asked.
  3. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and upgrade Admin Tools.
  1. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and uninstall the Loading Improved.
  2. Delete the following folders inside your XenForo root directory:
    1. src/addons/ThemeHouse/AdminTools/
Many thanks to my generous contributor(s):
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