TeamSpeak 3 Integration

TeamSpeak 3 Integration 2.2.0

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This doesn't work at all, while I appreciate the sellers work on the addon there is no updates and this broke my entire website at one point.
The worst experience of my life... I have a ticket opened with the developer since May 12, 2022. Got an update on Jun 13, 2022 that a new version will be released soon... (due to some errors reported) and that was pretty much it... not even a freaking word back.. a fix a hint..something. Good resource (if it's working for you) but the client management.. that's out of this planet !
Great addon and great support provided by the developer. The addon seamlessly integrates the teamspeak, and makes the process super smooth for both staff and users.
Excellent add-on with a lot of features and fantastic support, that is worth every penny. Absolutely recommended!
Really great Addon! No more admintrative work for TS³ Server, because it is all (Usermanagement) handeled by XF2 now. Full recomemndation!
This is a very good addon a great job was done. The support is also very good and problems are handled with very quickly.
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