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Unmaintained Taigasound 0.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
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Adds sounds to Taigachat and a toggle for users to turn the sound on/off.

How to install:
  1. Upload folders inside the "upload" folder to your Xenforo installation
  2. Install the addon
  3. Create new Custom User Field with the Field ID set to "shoutbox_settings". Make sure Field Type is set to "Checkboxes" and add a choice named "sound". You can edit other settings as your prefer.
  4. Try going to your users settings and toggling the Custom User Field on.
  5. Go post some messages to shoutbox. They should have a sound now!
Make Custom User Field creation automatic so that the addon is easier to install.​


Please see the credits as defined here:

Here's a copy of the credits:
"First released by Lovemaster I've updatet this mod to TaigaChat Pro v1.3 and added the modification instructions here.
CNK provided the codes for enabling and disabling sound chats via custom user field. (See discussions.)
Sounds, have been created by me on The provided sounds are free to use in any commercial or non commercial way."​

I asked the previous author's permission to use his stuff to make this into functioning addon.
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