TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox

Unmaintained TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox 1.4.7

No permission to buy (£25.00)
Great chat system, unfortunately it is a tad bit slow when measuring with GTMetrix causing 10x page load. Other than that, this chat system has served us well for many years :) Simple and elegant.
Suggestion is to look elsewhere. Add-on hasn't been updated in 2.5 years and developer doesn't seem to take interest in responding to concerns and requests for update to XF2 timeline. Time to move on I believe.
Hello I buy the shoutbox 1.4.7
under the latest version XenForo I have a display bug each message sent or modification thank you for contacting me
So far we're loving this chat. Well done!! And to think I was paying monthly for a less usable service. Integrates extremely well.
Support is real bad... 1 week has passed and the issue is still there... Proceed with caution as this extension is not cheap and at this price, you would expect some semblance of support
Fantastic shoutbox add-on developed by a friendly and very helpful developer. I believe any site would benefit from having this add-on. Would definitely recommend to others!
I was a bit worried about buying this as I'm a total noob and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it all set up and working properly. It couldn't have been more simple, everything worked immediately, and the developer answered the one question I had within 10 minutes. It does everything I expected it to. 10/10, would buy again.
Outstanding add on, my community loves having chat and this really made them happy ! Highly recommend it for anyone needing chat or a shout box. Great support
Luke is a helpful guy who is interested in having happy customers.
In my Situation the Chat Plugin was not working with the Basic Installation because of Path Problems.
He patched it live on my System and promised to build a fix for the next release.
So everything is fine :)
This is one of those add on your site Needs, You say you don't have this add on. You see that buy now Button up top? Click that button. You're Community will thank you a million times over.
This addon is amazing. It uses very few resources and never seems to crash or have any issues.

I have used it for months without issue. I suggest it to anyone seeking a chat system.
The lastest update have very great performance and other sweet stuff and functions, great service, top quality of code, great developer, everything working great in XF 1.4.5. thanks Luke! ★★★★★
If you want the best Chat system for your Xenforo community, you buy this Add on Right now! With the new updates it's a must have for any community!! If you want to see how we use it check our site out www.LethalityGaming.com We also made it so you can have the chat on EVERY page with the side button.
The best chat feature for XF. It's easy to customize. Good performance. No problems with dozens of members chatting. Only problem is this isn't being developed much lately. Hoping for continued development and support.
The chat is great, it needs more features like the option to sticky chat messages, more commands, etc. I really loved the MGC Chatbox Evo mod for vBulletin, it had great features.
VERY VERY nice! just not sure how to un-ban someone from the shoutbox is all :/ other then that its very clean and fast! well worth its price! anyone mined telling me if there is an unban option?
Luke F
Luke F
You can unban via the '/unban username' chat command or via User Permissions in the Admin CP.
Pretty terrific, would be nice to have some updates like chat rooms, then I would give it five stars. Looked at other solutions for a chat on my site, this was the best.
If you are looking for a facebook clone chat plugin (like tr1cky seems to be) this is not it. This is a simple shoutbox for your forums and it works great for what it is. I considered CometChat and ArrowChat for their extensive features, but I learned that neither work out of the box with Xenforo's responsive design. TaigaChat Pro fits perfectly with my forums on a mobile browser. That alone is deserving of 5 stars.
It's really sad, that this is the only shoutbox for xenforo.
The shoutbox is lacking so many features, it lacks proper template integration, it isn't possible to create multiple rooms, shoutbox archives in a thread? Really? No hooks and needs manual template editing to be enabled. Also bad way to exclude usergroups.
Maybe the coder shoul've just copied vBShout, I can't wait to see dbtech releasing a shoutbox for xenforo.
Luke F
Luke F
- There is no one-size-fits-all solution for template integration in this scenario. TaigaChat uses a simple one line edit which can be placed anywhere in any template, or you can choose to use Widget Framework or XenPorta to avoid editing templates if you wish.

- Multiple rooms are not fully supported, but there is a workaround method to use them as described in the first post of the discussion thread.

- Shoutbox archives use a thread so as to not reinvent the wheel in terms of searching, permissions, etc.

- Permissions to 'exclude usergroups' are identical to any other addon and to XenForo itself.
This is hands-down the best chat addon to Xenforo. My members absolutely love using this addon and it's easy to administrate. Like all of Luke's addons, this is of the utmost and highest quality. It was one of the first addons I purchased.