TaigaChat - AJAX Shoutbox

Unmaintained TaigaChat - AJAX Shoutbox 0.5.5

No permission to download
I've been using this add-on for a while now. I am very pleased with it and my users really like it. I am considering paying for the Pro version at some point.
Works on 1.1.5 no problems. Amazing addon!
very nice
Really looking forward to the pro version of this :)
Outstanding add-on! Thanks for your efforts.
Other than no pruning the system is flawless in my opinion.
Super Addon!!
Great mod, works a treat and our users love it :)
Works great. Such an amazing free addon. :)
Soopah! Great work DI
Really a great share. Works wonderfully ==> Thanks so much! :)
Works like a charm
AMAZING! Rarely do you find an addon of this quality for free on Xenforo!
Great Add-On. :) Works fine.
Thank you!
Works Great!
Great chatbox + Xenportal support makes this one of the best mods out there.
Awesome! Thank you very much! Is what I was looking for!