1. Upload all files in the /upload/ folder to your forum
  2. Admin -> Styles -> Import Style -> Browse to the .xml file in the /XML/ folder of your download package, import the style.
  3. Admin -> Styles -> Create New Style -> On the next page, select your newly installed theme as the Parent style, and enter the same name for your new child-style. Click Save Style.
  4. Admin -> Styles -> Uncheck the parent style to disable user selection. Make all further customizations in your active child-style only.

    It should now look like this example:

  5. Go to Style Properties -> Your Theme -> Header & Navigation, and change the 'Logo Image Path' field from logo-temp.png to logo.png
  6. Open the logo.psd file in your /PSD/ folder and edit the existing text, or paste your logo onto the canvas. Save as transparent .png format as logo.png. Upload to:
Refer to the /documentation/readme.html file in your download package for added tutorials.

  1. Upload all files to your forum, overwrite as needed.
  2. Admin Styles -> Import Style -> On the next page, select your disabled parent style to be Overwritten. Click Import Style.

    You should never overwrite your child-style, as you will lose any customizations or settings!

General FAQ

Q: Why is this theme more expensive than most?

A: We have three tiers of themes: Free, Premium ($25-30), and Ultra ($45-60). Due to the graphical and complex nature of this theme, it falls under the Ultra category.

Q: Are your Premium and Ultra themes hard to set up?
A: While our Premium+ themes are complex, they are very easy to install. Simply upload the files and import the XML as you would any other theme. Additionally, there are numerous options which you can start adjusting from there.

Q: What is NulumiaBase?
A: NulumiaBase is a style building framework originally created for vBulletin 3 & 4. It has now been evolved to take full advantage of Xenforo's amazing features, and allows new ideas to be rolled out quickly into all themes. You can read the full NulumiaBase feature list here.

Q: Can I see a live demo?
A: Yes, you can visit the Nulumia Xenforo Demo forum here.

Q: Will this theme work with other Xenforo plugins and resources?
A: YES, Nulumia themes are actually tested and built with over 100 Xenforo plugins in mind, an exclusive aspect to our themes. Typically, we only integrate free plugins, however there are a few premium examples supported, such as XenPorta 2. To see whether the plugins you use are included, check the full Plugin Compatibility list here.

Q: Can you make it compatible with...
A: Yes. (As long as it's free and I can get access to it.)

Q: On how many sites can I use this theme?
A: All our paid themes are Single Site License. You may use your theme on a single forum or website only. Use at more than one location requires additional licenses. Our free themes may be used on unlimited sites.

Q: Can the branding link be removed?
A: Yes, with a small fee.

Q: Can I read more about licenses?
A: Please visit here

Q: Is your checkout process secure?
A: Yes, is fully secured using Comodo SSL encryption. The actual payment process is handled externally by Paypal.

Q: Are there more colors in the works?
A: There are currently none in development but this is being considered.

Q: If I buy one color now, but want the bundle or a different color later, do I have to pay full price?
A: Until getting an automated system to handle this, we'll work with anyone that purchases a theme and later decides on a different version by either subtracting from the bundle price, or awarding a coupon to pick up another edition.

Q: Do I get access to all updates?
A: As long as you are within your active license period (1 year), you may access every new theme upgrade as soon as it's posted!

Q: Can I make feature requests?
A: YES, please do. Most themes are constantly undergoing enhancements, so be sure to make your request so it may be included for the next build. I am always looking for ways to improve each theme.

Support FAQ

Q: How often are your themes updated?

A: Very often - depending on the theme, sometimes as much as several times per week!

Q: How can I get support?
A: You can get support via any number of methods, including posting here at; our official Support Forum; email at; our Twitter or Facebook channels, etc. For in-depth help it's also possible to schedule chat on Skype or Messenger.

Q: If a bug is reported, what happens next?
A: As stated, most themes at Nulumia are constantly undergoing new improvements. All incoming bugs are addressed asap and included in the next available update. For emergency or very custom changes (for a given website), a Hotfix may be provided right away until the theme is updated publicly.

Q: Do you provide installation service?
A: Not at this time, but it is being considered to provide in the future for a small fee.

Installation FAQ

Q: Do I need to do anything fancy when installing?

A: We highly recommend creating two instances of your theme, in a parent-child configuration. This is so you may receive updates without erasing custom changes.

To do this, install your theme as normal. Then, select Create A New Style, and select your new theme as the parent. This will create an identical child-style. Now, simply deactivate your parent style and make all changes in the child-style only. This way, you may upgrade and overwrite the parent style at anytime to keep your themes up to date, without losing your customizations!

Q: Everytime I install or update the theme, the logo is missing!
A: This is normal. Each theme is set to load themename/xenforo/skin/logo-temp.png by default. This is so when uploading your files during an upgrade, it doesn't overwrite your existing logo! After each install/update, simply go to Style Properties, Header & Navigation, and change the logo path back to logo.png.

Q: How can I customize the features?
A: You can change settings by going into your Style Properties and opening the [Nulumia] property groups. For full tutorials, read the /documentation/readme.html file included in your download package.