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TAC(Tenants Anti-Spam Collection) - Anti-Spam (Free Version)

Unmaintained TAC(Tenants Anti-Spam Collection) - Anti-Spam (Free Version) 1.1.5

No permission to download
First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. updates to the latest versions

    as per title
  2. updates to the latest versions

    updates to the latest versions
  3. fixed an intall fbhp error for fresh installs

    whops,doing a bit of claning up and missed this one... no template changes, just a install fix...

Latest reviews

Thank you for providing this wonderful free resource. My site has been overwhelmed lately with spammers posting in the website or profile section and this is working out perfectly now.
Pretty good!
new version - keep up the good work!
These utilities are unbelievably easy to setup and stop Spam 100%

Stop reading the reviews and download it now!
good job
Mwaa ha.. what do you think it needs for that extra star ;) Anyway, thank you for the review