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Unmaintained Steam custom profile field 1.1.0

Adds a profile field for Steam profiles in any format and displays as a link

  1. Luke F
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    Description & Screenshots:



    This simple addon allows your members to add their Steam ID under their profile contact details in all the common formats (plain steam id, community id, /profiles/ or /id/ URL) with automatic conversion to a plain STEAM_0 ID. Additionally, the Steam ID is displayed as a link to the relevant Steam profile.

    Forthe original XenForo 1.0 compatible Identity Service, see here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/steam-identity-service.9819/


    1. Upload contents of 'upload' folder to your forum root
    2. Install addon_Steam.xml (the install code will automatically add the actual identity service/custom user field)
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