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Splash - PixelExit.com 1.5.20

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New Off Canvas Mobile Menu and much more!

Read the details here 1.5 Updates - Off Canvas Menu and More!
This is a minor release which brings our styles up-to-date with the 1.4.8 version of XenForo. You can view the change log for XenBase https://pixelexit.com/threads/1-4-8-style-updates-1-5-0-beta-1.2495/ and on top of this there has been minor cosmetic improvements throughout the style.

With the 1.5.0 Beta 1 release of XenForo today were also releasing an updated XenBase version which is basically the 1.4.8 version but with the updated templates if you feel like running the Beta version. This version will be linked in the news post above as well.

As with all updates ALWAYS make a backup first. Backup your XenBase/Style/Child Style. For this version you'll want to upload the new xenbase folder.

For further detailed instructions on upgrading all clients should be able to view this guide.

All clients can find the updated version of the style in your License Area on Pixel Exit
This brings the style up to date for XenForo 1.4.3, It also adds fixes in specific for the official Gallery add-on.

The full XenBase change log can be found here:

You can read up on a tutorial for the new social icons here:
https://pixelexit.com/resources/utilizing-the-social-icons.13/ (must be logged in and have an active license)

This update also provides cosmetic fixes for the style

To upgrade please FIRST! Backup your current XenBase/Style/Child Style

Then simply import and overwrite the XenBase + the style, all fixes/improvements will trickle down to your child style

  • XenBase Updated to 1.4.3
  • Minor Style Improvements
  • Official XenForo Gallery Style Improvements

All customers should have gotten an email and can find the latest version in your client area under the STYLES link.
This is primarily a XenBase focused release with some minor improvements to the style. The latest XenBase includes the following:
  • Help sub-nav adjusted(fixes bug when viewing the help pages without the help tab enabled but removes the default sub-nav while viewing the help page now so it acts like XenForo)
  • PAGE_CONTAINER/navigation.css/thread_list brought up-to-date
  • Scroll buttons changed slightly(shows when you scroll from the top now)
  • Level 2 Category Nodes should now be working for all layouts and settings
  • New Style property for Locked Threads(we have css options for stickied/unread just left locked out originally)
  • Improved font awesome setup for thread list icons(sticky/locked ect)
  • Improved Icons for thread alerts(all use font awesome now and better use of them!)
  • iOS Button fixes
TO upgrade: Please make a backup of your styles first(xml's)! Then import and overwrite your old XenBase with the new one. Followed by overwriting the newest version of the style. All fixes will trickle down to your child style.

All clients can find their latest download in our Styles section. Thank you everyone!
The style has been updated to our 1.4.1 version of the Framework. The update was pushed out on site this past week so some of you may already have the download. It brings new functionality, bug fixes and optimization. All customers can download the update in our new store. We recently upgraded our site and store so if you have any trouble at all please don't hesitate to start a support ticket with us. You can read about our upgrade and the new store here.

You can read the full change log here also view some of the new features via the attached files.

To upgrade please back up your styles and folders first! Then import the new XenBase which you should overwrite your existing XenBase style, followed by importing and overwriting the purchased style. All updates should trickle down to your child style.

Thanks everyone, also going forward on future updates Pixel Exit will finally... start emailing everyone automatically so you'll be notified on the next update(make sure your email is up-to-date on pixelexit.com).

Specific to Splash Update
Splash went under a rather large update, I've gone ahead and removed the colored patterns on Splash and replaced them with a transparent image. You can now change the teal and black primary colors via two color palettes. This makes the theme much more universal in regards to customization. We've also removed the hard coded sidebar images but instead recommend using our Font Awesome sidebar headings guide here:
Primarily a XenBase update which brings all of the out of date templates up to date.

Existing customers can find it in the "My Downloads" link on pixelexit.com.

To upgrade simply first make backups of your styles by exporting them.
Next import XenBase 1.4.0 Beta 1 overwriting your current XenBase, then import the style you've purchased and overwrite it. All updates should trickle down to your child style.

Last note:
This is possibly the last release we'll do for the 1.4 Beta series, from the past when XenForo enters a beta stage we see updates weekly sometimes which won't make sense time wise to keep pushing out updates.
Upon 1.4 stable we'll get the our version of XenBase out which we'll be adding some really neat stuff to it i think everyone will enjoy.

For any questions don't hesitate to ask, and always we really appreciate everyone's support.
This fixes a bug which was pushed out in our last update so please update immediately(broke registration to an extent)

  • Added text as logo with css properties
  • Fixed registration issue
  • Fixed sticky sidebar in mobile spacing

All customers can find the new download in the "MY DOWNLOADS" link on pixelexit.com
This update brings it up-to-date with XenBase 1.3.4. A list of changes and fixes can be found here.

Specific to Splash:

Updated to XenBase 1.3.4

  • Misc coloring fixes

Before upgrading please make a backup of your current XenBase and style. To upgrade simply import XenBase overwriting your existing copy, along with Splash. All the changes and fixes should trickle down to your child of Splash.

Customers can find the download in your "My Downloads" on our site.
This is a well needed update to XenBase, it fixes a bunch of bugs/cleans up some of our code on the framework.

On top of being updated to the latest framework I've made some adjustments on the floating navigation to better work if you choose to use it.

Also puts in the missing social media login images

All clients can download in the "My Account" area on pixelexit.com

As I have been mentioning across various threads 1.3 is bringing a rather massive change to the way our style functions. Most of the front end you won't notice a difference aside from a few cosmetic improvements, however we've re-written a good majority of our XenBase.

With this said, if you are a current client of Splash please read carefully.

For anyone with minor customizations it's suggested you treat this upgrading as if you're installing a brand new style.

Import XenBase first as a new style.
Import Splash as a child of XenBase
Create a new child style of Splash naming it whatever you'd like

Put your customizations back into the child of Splash, future upgrades will be easier from here on out.

For anyone with heavy customizations residing outside extra.css(as in you've customized a lot of templates and style properties), it is suggested you follow the instructions I've written here.


Feature wise Splash has access to the following now since it's running on the latest XenBase:

  • XenBase Framework
  • Font-Awesome Integration
  • Google Fonts Integration
  • Backstretch Integration
  • Floating Moderator Bar
  • Floating Navigation Bar
  • Collapsible Categories
  • Collapsible Sidebar
  • Advanced footer with multiple layouts
  • Primary colors change via style properties
  • Go-to-top button built in
  • Multiple Node Layouts(4 different layouts)