Spanish Translation for XenForo (Latin American)

Spanish Translation for XenForo (Latin American) 2.1.9

No permission to buy ($8.00)
This update include some phrases translation and corrections.
The biggest addition is the Resource manager translation, which will cost 2.60$ alone.

If you buy both, total price will be 8$. If you just buy one translation, because you do not need the addon translation, the price will be the same as before:
Forum Translation: 5.40$
Resource Manager: 2.60$
Translated a few new phrases in XenForo 2.1.8.
More emojis has been translated, they should be complete if I am not missing any.
Aside from translating a few missed phrases, I have made the following corrections:

Aprovar (Approve)Aprobar
adherir (stick)fijar
pegado, adherido (stuck)fijado
despegar (unstuck)desfijar
deshabilidado, deshabilitar, habilitado, habilitar (Enable)activar, activado, desactivar, deactivado
bloquear (as in Close Thread), desbloquearcerrar (cerrar tema), abrir (abrir tema)
hilo (Thread)Tema

An incomplete sentence in the registration form has been corrected as well:


Anotación 2020-03-07 104442.jpg
  • Translated all the phrases for XenForo 2.1.6 (there were just a few phrases
  • A few minor corrections (please let me know of any typo or untranslated phrase)
  • Changed version to reflect XenForo current version
  • Translated all the phrases for XenForo 2.1.4
  • A few minor corrections
-Translated all the phrases from the last XenForo version, 2.1.3
-Phrase corrections

Next update will change some phrase wording, like using Tema instead of Hilo.

  • Traducidas las frases de la nueva versión de XenForo
  • Corregida varias frases

En la próxima versión cambiaré el uso de algunas palabras, como Hilo pasará a Tema, entre otras cosas.
Just some minor updates to some phrases and variable fixes.