Spanish Translation for XenForo (Latin American)

Spanish Translation for XenForo (Latin American) 2.1.8

No permission to buy ($5.40)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Updates duration
12 Months
Visible branding
This is a translation for XenForo 2.1.x to Spanish. It is 100% translated, but there might be some phrases that doesn't make sense. If you happen to find any phrase like this, please send me a PM, to fix it.

The price above includes a year of updates, and some other things that I will be adding gradually like skins or plugins translations. All this will be included in this same resource without increasing the price.

To buy it, just send me a PM to let you know the specifics on how to get it.

DEMO: Go to this website to see the translation in action.

Installation instructions:
To install this language pack just follow this instructions:

  1. Go to Admin > Languages
  2. Clic the Import button and select the language-Espanol-(LA).XF.xml file from your computer.
  3. Leave the other options as they are and clic the button Import.
Now just wait for everything to finish and you can now select your new translation as the default.

Como instalar esta traducción
Para instalar esta traducción, sigue las siguientes indicaciones

  1. Ve a tu panel de administración > Languages
  2. Hacer clic en el botón Import y elige el archivo language-Espanol-(LA).XF.xml desde tu ordenador.
  3. Deja las demás opciones tal como están y da clic en el botón Import
Ahora solo esperas a que todo termine y ya podrás seleccionar tu nueva traducción como la predeterminada.
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Latest reviews

Elmer did respond within some minutes to my request and sent me the file and the perfect instructions to be able to upload the translation. Until now, it has run perfectly. So... Excellent service!
This is the best spanish translation available. And the author keep it updated! Thanks Elmer for this great addon.
Todo el proceso muy rápido y sin ningún tipo de problema, un placer hacer negocios con este usuario. La traducción bastante correcta aunque mejorable en algunos aspectos desde el punto de vista del Castellano de España
I tried to buy it, and the guy never responded. I send him a PM asking him what I had to do to buy it, and he never responded.