sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery)

sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery) 2.6.9

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  • Photo watch button was not working as expected (UI only).
  • In Photo overlay view, the like and comment button was not clickable as the next/prev overlaps them.
Fix a security issue where anyone can remove a tagged users in album or content.
  • Fixed an issue with jQuery bxslider plugin that prevents users to click on the slider photos (on photo view, video view and widget view).
  • Fixed an issue with video overlay view where the next/prev navigation buttons are not visible.
  • Fix 2 deprecated functions in PHP7
  • Flickr changed the camera's thumbnail URL therefore this update will update the existing prebuilt camera thumbnail URLs to the new one.
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Fix an issue in the installation procedure in which the warning_handler information was not correctly installed on fresh install and upgrade. This led to the issue with warning action in Gallery.
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Bug fixes:
- Cannot upload photos and/or uploaded but not visible in album view.
- The upload progress displays over 100%.

New features:
- New "Approve" button next to the "Delete" button in photo/view video if the content is moderated. This quick button helps moderators can approve the photo quicker.
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Compatible with the new XF HTML5 uploader.
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There was an issue that prevents the XML file from being imported.
Several bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
+ Various bug fixes. Please see for more details.
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