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Unmaintained sonnb - Messages Mass Actions 1.2.0

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Change logs:
- Added Merge action for thread mass action
- Added Move and Merge action for post mass action.
Although the addon would work well but it is always considered to backup your data before perform actions on big number of items to prevent any unexpected error might occurs.


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Change logs:
Code improvement to reduce addon conflicting wherever possible
Change Logs:
- Addon's name changed from "Mass Actions for Threads" to "Messages Mass Actions".
- Added Multi select for nodes (Requested by: yavuz)
- Added "Post Mass Actions" that allow to delete user's posts from specific Threads, Nodes.
- Added 2 Admin permission definition:
These 2 permission would be used to assign for "Thread Mass Action" and "Post Mass Action" is case of you want to assign someone to perform one of these features.
Since search for Posts need a lot of query performance, you should not select too many nodes or it would takes a long time to finish. (Around ~15 seconds for 40k of posts).
Ordered customers would receive this update directly via email.
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Change logs in this version:

- Added option to search by specific user using user_id or username (Requested by yavuz)
- Changed the name in Admin Navigation from "Mass Actions" to "Thread Mass Actions".

What is coming next version?

- Post Mass Action: Able to search specific user's posts from specific thread, forum... (Requested by Dinh Thanh)
- Prune or Move using Cron Job (this should not be completed at this moment due to not an must-be function).