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The ComprehensiveURLParser Addon is a great add-on for sites that want to monetize their content with affiliate programs and links.

This add-on (similar to the SolidMean Amazon/eBay URL Parser) allows admins to specify which domains to look for, and then either: 1) add tags/fields to the URL's with those domain names, or 2) replace the URL to the domain name with their own affiliate link. This add-on extends the Amazon/eBay URL Parser addon to include any referral or affiliate program the site participates in. The addon can be applied to all subdomain properties of a web site, or specific subdomains can be ignored or separately targeted. It also has the capability to only apply the addon to guests viewing your forum.

When the add-on appends a tag/field to the query string of a URL, it will first check to see if the field already exists, and replace it if it does.

When the "Replace Affiliate" option is chosen, domains listed will be replaced by affiliate links (a'la eBay's Partner Network). Affiliate links also have the option of including the original URL in the message in the link, an encoded version of the URL (required for eBay), and a "cachebuster" type of option.

This add-on is fully compatible with XenForo's link proxy, and in theory, will be faster than the Amazon/Ebay URL Parser, because it rebuilds the hash to the link proxy, rather than jumping through hoops to disable the error generated by incorrect hash.

This add-on will process any link generated through the bbcode formatter, including messages, signatures, and conversations. It doesn't store the contents in the database, it simply renders the page with the modified href HTML tags.

If your affiliate programs or referral links change in the future, just change the options. There is no need to go back and change URL's in old messages, or update database posts.

1) Upload the "library" folder to your xenforo root folder on your server.

2) Install the add-on with the included addon-SolidMean_ComprehensiveURLParser.xml file via the XenForo admin interface.

3) Visit the options and look for the "ComprehensiveURLParser" option, and click on it.

4) If you want to simply add tags/fields to URL's choose the "Append Affiliate" option (similar to how Amazon Affiliates work). Enter a list of domains, separated by line breaks, in the first input box area.

5) Enter the matching fields/tags you want to add to those domains in the second input box area. See the example for more information.

6) Use the "Replace Affiliates" tab to enter domains that you'd like to replace with an affiliate link. Enter the domains you'd like to change in the first input box, and the full link URL you'd like to replace URL's that match the domain in the second input box. You can use the {url} tag to have the original URL from the post inserted, and {encoded_url} to have the encoded URL added. You can also use the {cachebuster} tag (useful for image links) to insert a random integer. See the examples for more information.

This add-on adds no queries, but it will add a little bit of processing to render these links, but not noticeable from my tests. Code optimization is a primary focus of this addon.

I have a thread describing the add-on and how it works on my site:
Comprehensive Url Parser For Xenforo

Read this thread on how to download your license after purchase:
Faq : Downloading Products

fEaRz originally suggested this idea to me, to expand the functionality of the original Amazon/eBay URL Parser. Others credits include Azhria Lilu, Daniel Hood for the information on how this should work, and Jeremy for his his BbCode Formatting Thread




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Latest reviews

Great addon and well worth the $10. Dave was very responsive working through issues. I'm sure this addon can do much more than I'll need but looking forward to playing more with it.
Thanks for the great review clackey. Wish you great success in using the addon
This add works great for simple affiliate codes that tack onto a URL, and I have verified that it does in fact replace any affiliate code that might already be in the URL a user posts. Big bonus was all the great help that Dave gave to get much more complicated replacement links from ShareASale working. Major kudos for his efforts and responsiveness ;)
Thanks for the great review BentDreams, good luck!
Very helpful for me. Imported Forum from vBulletin is now with affiliate links. Fantastic support from the developer. My first rating and all the 5 Stars!
Thanks for the positive review Boa. I'm glad it's working for you better now.
Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Replaces existing affiliate codes, and works well with the XF Link Proxy. What I especially like is that should the need arise, I can effortlessly change the affiliate IDs anytime I want in the options and all the links, past and new, will automatically reflect that change.

The options are easy to understand, and, most importantly, "it just works".
What else could you ask for?

Highly recommended!
Thanks for the great review markku. I really appreciate it.
Love it! Provides the flexibility that any forum owner needs to monetize their forum! When I migrated our forum from vBulletin there wasn't an up to date resource that did that but I made use of the old URLRewriter resource. It's nice to have an active developer around to ensure that the necessary rewrite/parse methods continue to work properly and to provide support.
Thanks for the great review racersimage. Let me know if you find any limitations of it.