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Social Groups for XenForo 1.x 1.4.3

No permission to buy ($49.00)
Excellent Support from this addon Author!
Very satisfied with the addon quality.
Will buy few more addons from you :).
Super add-on, great support.
It is simple to use and give a lot of social fun.
A problem was solved very fast (fast response from Snog) afer installed.
When XF2 is coming out i will purchase the xf2 version of Social Groups.
Amazing Addon.

Apart from being so well built, what truly makes this addon shine is Snog's amazing support and friendliness. Hes been helping me for several days now and answering my questions well in advance before purchase.

He quickly showed me how to set it up to my needs and was able to help me fix a couple of things that were ultimately my fault for not noticing as quick.

Would definitely buy from him again, xenforo needs more Snogs.
I cannot express how helpful and supportive Snog is with any problems and issues - the plugin itself is great and we only had issues in the first place because our webmaster decided to go and code some things "his way". Never had better support. If there were more than five stars I would be awarding them.
Running absolutely perfect in Xenforo version 1.5.0, updates and support five stars, the best way to manage groups. Highly recommended. 999999999% ★★★★★
Add-on works great! One minor bug when installing originally, but fixed in minutes. Haven't had any other issues, very easy to setup too! Would definitely recommend this add-on :)
We migrated from vBulletin 3.8 with thousands of social groups. After carefully researching all of the group alternatives, we found that Snog's Social Groups was clearly the most developed solution. Snog worked with us to build an importer and has responded very quickly to any support requests. While this addon does not yet have all the features of the old vB social groups, the author continues to add features and improvements on a regular basis. If you have old vB social groups data, don't hesitate to purchase this addon and resurrect your old groups!
Once again an outstanding add on by Snog with the instant support to go with it. I have now have this running on both my forums and it really add a great deal of value to both my forums. Having the ability to create the two different type of groups as in a discussion or a forum group makes it a must have. The options that come with it make it great to be able to allow the members to tweak their group to work in a number of different ways.
This is a brilliant add-on. Easily customizable and with lots of different set up permissions.

Snog is unbelievably helpful - I made a couple of suggestions and the next day Snog released an update which included my suggestions being implemented! You can't get better than that!

Absolutely amazing :)
We have just switched to this from a previous social forum plugin and immediately I have found that it works better, easier to configure and looks better. The ability to add sub-forums is also a plus and limiting other options with the inclusion of images is a great feature and worth the price for the effort gone into this.
Installed in 1.4.6 and working absolutely perfect, great addon with a lot of options and the best: excellent service, great code, optimisation, Updates Duration: Lifetime, Without copyrights, etc.. The best Social Group System for XF. 10000% recommended. ★★★★★
Thanks for the likes Snog. The other usergroup enhancements will come in handy too. It's great to see resource providers deliver on their promises. Guys and gals, if you are looking for a social groups addon, you've found it. Five Stars!
I chose this Social Groups Mod over others as I like the way it looks and loved the way that people can chat away in a group conversation and get notification whenever a message is added. It's this killer feature that's help make Facebook groups become so popular. Social Groups help my main forum to stay on topic but keeps my members on my site when they want to discuss other interests.

In just a few days we have around 20 social groups and my members are really enjoying them. Snog has been quick to answer my stupid questions and I wholeheartedly recommend you add his Social Groups to your forum. It's great!
Great plug-in, great for getting groups together on your community. The responsiveness of the developer of this add-on is also great to have especially when you need it the most>
We are loving Snog's Social Groups. We had a few details we needed to make it work for us, and Snog literally worked on Thanksgiving to make it happen! A+++++ for customer service! Thanks for the great addon!!
I beta tested this plugin and it's awesome! It is packed with unique features and has a dedicated author who continues to improve upon it. I will definitely be purchasing when I have the money!
Outstanding add-on. Gives me everything I need and easily brings group content right to the front of the forum instead of hiding it all away.
This add on was just what I needed on my site, it works great just as it should. Once again it comes with the outstanding support that Snog gives with all his add ons.