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Special thanks to @DRE who originally contributed towards the development of this add-on: which was later developed into Social Connect
If you wish to use this add-on on XenForo version 1.1.x then you should download and install Social Connect 2.2.4.

If you wish to use this add-on on XenForo version 1.2.x then you should download and install Social Connect 2.2.5.

When you purchase, both versions will be delivered. You only need to install the single version that is most appropriate for your XenForo version. (y)


Social Connect allows your members to connect their forum accounts to Facebook and/or Twitter.

By doing this, when your members post a new thread, update their status or get awarded a trophy, a Tweet and/or Post will automatically created on their Facebook timeline or Twitter feed.

First, your members can access the Social Connect settings from the visitor panel (below) or from their Account settings:

On the settings page, your members can choose which service/s they want to log into:

Once they have provided authorisation to access their account, they have several options of how Social Connect can interact with their accounts. They can automatically post forum status updates to Facebook/Twitter, as well as the creation of a new thread or when they get awarded a trophy:

While performing each action, they will see the status of that service represented by one of these icons. A coloured icon means the service is connected and the action will be posted. A grey icon means the service is not connected (and nothing will be posted). A red icon means the service is connected, but that particular action will not be posted.

Here's an example of a status update which will be posted to Twitter, but not to Facebook due to not having the "Post your status updates to your Timeline" option selected:

Here's how a status update looks on Facebook and Twitter:

A trophy award:

A new thread post:

How to set up

To set up Twitter, follow the following instructions:
  1. Go to: and sign in.
  2. Once logged in, go to:
  3. Click the "Create a new application" button.
  4. Give the application a name, such as "[Your Site Name] Social Connect"
  5. Give the application a description, such as "Link your forum account to Twitter and share when you update your status, create a thread or earn a trophy".
  6. Enter your website URL.
  7. In the callback URL, enter your website URL again.
  8. Agree to the terms, and click the "Create your Twitter application" button.
  9. Click on your new application. Here you need to scroll down to OAuth Settings. You need the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values. Note these down.
  10. Click the Settings tab and scroll down to Access.
  11. Select "Read and Write".
  12. Save the application.
  13. Insert the Consumer Key and Secret values you wrote down earlier into your Admin CP > Options > Social Connect Options.
To set up Facebook, follow the following instructions:
  1. Go to: and sign in.
  2. Once logged in, go to:
  3. Click the "Create New App" button.
  4. Give the application a name, such as "[Your Site Name] Social Connect"
  5. Leave the other fields blank and click Continue.
  6. You need the App ID and App Secret values. Note these down.
  7. Scroll down and click Website with Facebook Login.
  8. Enter your URL.
  9. Save the application.
  10. Insert the App ID and App Secret values you wrote down earlier into your Admin CP > Options > Social Connect Options.

Please purchase from the above link. If you already own version 1.0 of this add-on (Social Status Updater) you do not need to purchase again. You will receive an update, automatically, for free.
Once you have purchased the product, you should receive an e-mail containing your download link. Keep this download link. This download link will always download the most recent version of the product.
Please ensure you Watch this resource to be alerted of future updates. However, you should receive updates via e-mail along with a reminder of your download link.

This add-on can be installed using the Add-On Installer.

  • Extract the contents of the Zip file.
  • Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
  • Install in the Admin CP using the provided XML file.
Coming soon

I will be releasing each component of this add-on separately. There will be a Facebook only version for £10 and a Twitter only version for £10. If you don't need both, look out for these in the coming days.
Chris D
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A really great addon! Thank you!

It would be also great if a connection with the Resources Manager would be possible.
Brilliant stuff Chris. Any idea when 2.3 is likely to be released? The checkboxes for individual posts will really push it up into six-star territory ;)
Great Addon as always! Thank you Chris Deeming!
This addon is a must have for forum owners. Fantastic support and communication.
A superior social networking tool with excellent support , highly recommend. Thank you Chris Deeming.
I'm not sure yet on which of my forums to use it (I'm not a "social network" fan), but when I see an addon signed by Chris, it's necessary a great one with a great support. Thank you for all addons you've created Chris (especially the Registration Form Timer & the auto installer).
Chris D
Chris D
Completely humbled to receive such a positive review from someone who I consider to be one of the most talented developers here. Thank you Cédric.
If you had Social Status Updater, then this is like the deluxe version of it. I've tested it thoroughly and it works very well. This is a must-have purchase! It will increase your site's SEO too.
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you for your review :)