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Simplicity Pro

Simplicity Pro 1.0.3

No permission to buy ($30.00)
January 15th, 2018 | Theme Version XF2 1.0.0b

To view this latest version live, please visit the Demo Forum here:

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:


This update includes the beta release of Simplicity Pro for Xenforo 2!

As you may be wondering, I have not yet released a new product for the XF2 theme. This release is mostly intended for existing customers who would like to start previewing Simplicity on their Xenforo 2 site, while I finish up the written documentation.

Although there's no instructions yet, existing users should feel right at home editing the features before I launch the standalone product in a few days -- nearly all theme settings work identically with XF1, plus a few improvements.

How to get the theme:

Simply re-download your theme package at www.nulumia.com, and you will find the XF1 and XF2 themes now organized in separate folders.


As my Xenforo 1.x themes were the result of nearly 18 months of development, please bear in mind that not all features made it into the XF2 edition. However, I'll be releasing very frequent updates until everything gets to par, and look forward to surpassing XF1 with even better features.


Please leave any questions or comments you may have! I'd love to hear from you and enjoy making these themes even better :).
January 9th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.0.3

To view this latest version live, please visit the Demo Forum here:

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:


This patch covers a revamp to the padding & spacing system used in the theme, which also helps the slider properly align during different layouts.

Nulumia themes no longer use padding on the pageWidth controller, and now use the traditional Xenforo HTML methodology of using parentDiv -> pageWidth -> pageContent, with width being handled by pageWidth and padding being handled by pageContent. This method has been applied to several custom Nulumia features such as the top bar, footer columns, etc.

There is also new conditional CSS logic to handle displaying features, such as the slider, during different layouts. Because there are dozens of different theme settings which can be configured - from the slider being set to full or narrow width, the current responsive screen size, the type of page being viewed, to floating content mode enabled, these new conditionals will make sure that everything fits snug in every combination of settings.

** If you still encounter any bugs, please let me know and I'll be happy to patch it! **


NulumiaBase Changes
Fixes & Improvements
  • Revamped the theme spacing system to use more consistent padding between content areas (header, footer, slider, etc). Padding has been removed from the .pageWidth controller and now follow traditional Xenforo methodology of using the parent div -> pageWidth -> pageContent div system, with padding on the pageContent element.
  • Reworked the footer columns and footer legal area to use correct padding, particularly when transitioning to responsive layouts
  • Added new conditional logic to control the slider padding and stretch-to-edge mode during various configurations
  • Fixed a bug where the slider would overlap the screen and cause scrolling on mobile layouts. The slider now correctly inherits the padding from the contentResponsive property during responsive transition.
  • Fixed a bug where the slider would not show up on the Resource index when 'Next to Sidebar / Above Content' mode is enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the Resource List slider would skip (clear) to below the left sidebar

NulumiaBase Changes
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug where the Node Last Post container would have incorrect styling on regular default mobile layouts (No side-by-side or custom background modes enabled)
  • Re-fixed a bug where a previous correction to sidebar sectionFooter elements having the incorrect border color stopped working
  • Removed text underline on concealed type links in the body or header area (footer link underlines remain by default)
  • Added the default Xenforo form-type overlay shadow to the new Popup Login Form
  • Removed a white background which would occassionally show behind the Signup Button on forum home
  • Removed the padding container around the Signup Button in most themes (Button now floats at full width of sidebar)
December 17th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.0.2

To view this latest version live, please visit the Demo Forum here:

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:


This is the first rollout of the new features introduced by NulumiaBase version 1.7.7, including Custom Node Backgrounds, Popup Login Form, and Logo Icon Slider. Further enhancements to these features will be coming soon in next versions.


New Features
  • Added new Custom Node Background feature (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings property group)
    • Add custom background images to your nodes, or use solid background colors
    • Style nodes and node elements separately when Custom Node Background mode is enabled (node title, last post box, text color, etc)
    • New compatibility with Side by Side Node feature
  • Added new Logo Icon Slider feature (available via [Nulumia] Logo Icon Slider property group)
    • Add up to ten partner/sponsor/featured logo icons
    • Auto-Play setting
    • Infinite Scroll setting
    • Control numerous options, such as number of icons to show per row, number of icons to scroll, show or hide dot controls, auto-play delay, and more
    • Style slider elements via custom Style Properties
    • Fully responsive
    • Control number of icons to show per row on different sized screens (tablet, phone etc)
  • Added new Popup Login Form feature (available via Login Bar property group)
  • Added new Slider Features and Locations
    • Slider now has numerous new improvements for handling different sized slide images and across different screen widths
    • Toggle between Letterbox Mode and Auto-Crop image mode. Images which don't fit standard dimensions will be scaled or fit accordingly depending on the option set.
    • Set both a max width or max height for the slider
    • Add the slider to new pages, templates and locations (Choose from Forum Home, Discussion List, Blog List, Resource Index, and Page Node templates)
    • Separately choose whether to display a full-width slider, or narrow (next to sidebar) slider, depending on whether the page uses a sidebar
Fixes & Improvements
  • Changed standard body font in most themes from Open Sans to Roboto
  • Added new theme support for legacy IE and Edge browser fixes
  • Added new body class system to handle styling when various features are enabled, removed numerous instances of using Xenforo conditional statements for CSS
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the FontAwesome home icon would collapse in certain browsers
Header & Navigation
  • Improved CSS handling of the Xenforo navigation SplitCtrl dropdown arrow
Forum & Node List
  • Heavily reworked how margins and padding are handled for various node elements, including the main container block, Last Post area, read/unread icon containers, etc. This new method helps bring much better consistency to appearance and display, and assists the new Custom Node Background mode.
Property Groups
  • Added new custom properties to handle styling the navigation search input
  • Fixed several outdated Style Properties which were deprecated during recent version of Xenforo
  • Added further style support for [bD] Widget Framework blocks within the footer block layout
  • Dramatically improved code and CSS handling of the footer block layout
  • Spacing and margins between blocks and columns is now much more consistent, particularly when scaling between different device and screen sizes
  • Column positions and spacing are now handled separately depending on whether there are 2, 3, or 4 columns displayed (now automatically detected via Jquery)
  • Improved consistency of text and link colors within the footer
Mod Related
  • Changed image sprite based alert row backgrounds in the DB Tech Shoutbox to pure CSS gradient-based
  • Fixed a big where DB Tech Shoutbox alert rows would have incorrect text color for links
  • Updated and tested all supported mods under their latest versions
Theme Changes
  • Fixed an issue where button elements added via mods would inherit theme floating box-shadows
  • Added a default logo and .PSD file preset for the Simplicity Pink theme
  • Changed the default heading font to a different Google Font which supports multi-lang characters
  • Added a solid background color (nlPrimaryBackgroundColor) to the slider to help with the new slider Letterbox mode
  • Updated numerous Style Properties to reflect values of current NulumiaBase framework
  • Added full sets of default Node Background images for Simplicity and all color preset themes. Images may be edited via the "nl_custom_node_backgrounds.css" template within Xenforo admin.
  • Added default customized styles for node elements to each theme when Custom Node Backgrounds mode is enabled

On Adding Custom Node Backgrounds

This is a very new feature and as all Nulumia features are handled via the theme (and not plugins!), the Custom Node Backgrounds will require a basic understanding of editing CSS.

For full instructions, please refer to the documentation/readme file in your download package.

What didn't make it into this patch
  • The new Simplicity presets are still in the works and won't be available until the next update. These include Sun Yellow, Teal, Red, Juicy Orange, Slate, Ginger, Excite, and Rosewood.
  • The image heading banner option for the new Popup Login form has been deactivated and won't be usable until the next patch
  • A method was in place to make the footer layout Top Row parallax background use a slow scrolling effect, instead of fixed position. There were some cross-browser issues regarding IE and Edge and this feature has been removed/delayed.
  • Earlier I announced that the Custom Node Backgrounds mode would have several node style presets to choose from, currently there is only one in place. You may still fully override styling of node elements (Title, Last Post box, links, container etc) for when this mode is enabled. However, I'd like to add up to three different layouts by default, thus giving the user more starter options and removing the need to keep editing the same properties to arrive at a desired result.
  • A feature to use fixed width or full width header and footer elements is being worked on for next patch. Currently elements such as the top bar, mod bar, and <footer> area are fixed at full width.
In consideration for future patches

Currently the Custom Node Backgrounds' css template contains three different sets of CSS entries -- one for using image backgrounds, another format for using solid background colors, and another preset for using alternating background colors (up to three colors, but more can be added -- i.e., nodes cycle between @primaryDark through @primaryLight in sequence). The user must currently uncomment the format they wish to use and comment out the other formats.

I may add a checkbox option to activate any of these modes at a time, and using separate templates for ease and convenience. I would enjoy hearing feedback from users on using this system and their recommendations.


November 17th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.0.1

To view this latest version live, please visit the Demo Forum here:

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:


This is a small update that adds a few fixes and improvements - breadcrumb icon fixes, auto center footer row content, and control the size of thread poster avatars.


As this update was released between a larger feature, you will notice a property group named [Nulumia] Logo Icon Slider. This group and its settings are currently inactive and produce no result. It will be released in the next update, which will give you the option to display Featured or Sponsor icons, logos, or other small image links anywhere in your theme.


NulumiaBase Changes
  • NulumiaBase Changes
    • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 1.7.6
    • New Features
      • Added new feature to resize thread post avatars (available via [Nulumia] Thread Settings property group)
      • Added new option to load the large sized avatars in threads for better clarity
      • Added new feature to automatically center content in the footer Top Rows
    • Fixes & Improvements
      • Fixed a bug where Page Link Nav items would collapse when there are many pages of threads
      • Added an internal code method to automatically resize the Page Nav Link container (hard-coded in Xenforo by default) according to the size of Page Nav Link buttons
      • Fixed a bug in the navigation where FontAwesome home icon would cause an error regarding HTML Structured Data tags as specified by Google (first home item now correctly retains its SD tag data)
      • Removed a hard-coded reference for nav and breadcrumb home icon sizes. Sizes can now be controlled via [Nulumia] Fonts & Icons property group.
      • Improved handling of Jump Menu Icon box in the breadcrumb to better scale according to whether FontAwesome is enabled, or using the default image sprite
    • Upgraded NulumiaBase to 1.7.5
    • New Features
      • Added new Edge-Lit mode (available via [Nulumia] Background Settings) **not available in all themes**
        • Adds sharp edge highlights on certain elements
        • Optional hover effects for edge highlights
        • Use with or without Corner Highlights mode
    • Fixes & Improvements
      • Added property and added padding to popup comments
      • Added extended custom property to help style Notice controls (available via Notices property group)
      • Fixed incorrect border colors on Follow blocks on the member profile page
      • Fixed a bug where the Show Online Status button in the Account menu dropdown would not align properly with adjascent buttons
      • Fixed a bug where video backgrounds woult not auto-play on certain pages (potential script conflict is still being looked into)
    • Header & Navigation
      • Added new custom property to style the <header> element (adds additional CSS entries which the default Xenforo property doesn't include) (available via Header & Navigation property group)
      • Fixed a bug where custom style property settings for the Text-Based Logo / Secondary Logo Span were not displaying
      • Added further fixes to ensure visitor tab icons retain their hover color when moving the mouse over their dropdown menus
    • Footer
      • Improved handling of boxed and non-boxed footer layouts to ensure elements correctly inherit their styling as set via Style Properties (<footer>, footerLegal, etc)
      • Fixed a bug where elements within the top rows would collapse / lose their vertical padding on mobile sizes
    • Mod Related
      • Extended the custom sidebar-content spacing setting to the XenPorta 2 left sidebar

Changing the avatar size

Making your post avatars larger is very simple!

Just browse to Style Properties -> Message Layout -> Avatar Holder

Then, change the left & right padding to be smaller or larger (they should also be the same!). Decrease the padding to make the avatars larger - recommended range is 10px-30px.

View attachment 161904
NulumiaBase Changes
New Features
  • Added new Video Background mode (available via [Nulumia] Background Settings)
    • Automatically disabled on mobile, to save bandwidth
    • Uses Custom Background image as fallback when players are disabled
  • Added new Theme Version & NulumiaBase Framework Version entries (available via [Nulumia] Theme Settings)
  • Added new setting to hide the sidebar on forum templates (available via [Nulumia] Sidebar Settings)
  • Added new Alternating Row Colors feature (available via [Nulumia] Node Settings)
    • Added new Alternate Row property to Forum / Node List group
    • Re-linked Forum Row, Forum Row Alternate, and Forum Row - Hover State to the new "nlAltColor" Color Palette series
  • Added new Text Based Logo feature (available via [Nulumia] Header Settings)
    • Temporarily hides the image logo when enabled
    • Specify different font if desired
    • Use up to two separate spans and control boldness or color of words
    • Add an optional FontAwesome icon before text logo (more font icon libraries and SVG feature coming soon)
  • Added a second optional Top Row with default HTML content and Style Properties
  • Added extensive [bd] Widget Framework style support when adding Widget Framework blocks to the Nulumia Footer layout system
  • Added new option to move the footer links & chooser bar to below or above the legal area
Fixes & Improvements
  • Changed standard body font in most themes from Open Sans to Roboto
  • Added extensive support for the global Border Radius option (available via [Nulumia] Styles property group)
  • Added new property to style notice links (available via the Notices property group)
  • Reduce top margin on first articles item in Blogs and XenPorta 2
  • Added separate properties to handle the sectionMain element on additional pages
  • Deleted several Nulumia custom Color Palette entries (nlDividerColors, nlFooterColor, etc)
  • Renamed all Nulumia "nlAlt" Color Palette entries into "nlAltColor" series, in preparation for Xenforo 2 methodology
  • Improved style handling of side by side nodes
  • Removed a hardcoded drop shadow on the Go to Top button
  • Removed console logging entries within the theme-functions.js file
  • Improved handling of mobile detection in theme-functions.js file
  • Improved style handling of profile sidebar blocks
  • Improved handling of matching header-like elements
  • Finely improved styling of the breadcrumb, more closely matched borders, arrows and item heights
  • Fixed a bug where public links within threads wouldn't match same border or shadow style as private links
  • Improved spacing and padding in Call to Action buttons
  • Improved handling of Custom Background mode, moved image from body to html element to improve Position:Fixed mode on certain Android devices
  • Improved border handling and hard-coded entries around the Profile User block
  • Added new properties to handle styling for various Profile page elements
  • Further matched Profile tabs with regular tabs
  • Slightly enhanced styling of overlap mask and container shadows
  • Added a setting in Popup Menus property group to control the min-height of Jump Menu lists (prevents the left column from occassionally having a scrollbar by only a small amount)
  • Improved handling of vertical spacing between blocks for better consistency (Visitor panel now has same spacing as other blocks)
  • Improved text style matching of widget titles for better consistency
  • Improved height, radius and item arrows within the breadcrumb for better consistency and appearance
  • Changed the Jump Menu icon when using FontAwesome
Header & Navigation
  • Visitor tab alert balloons now scroll down over the tabs when the navigation is in sticky configuration (prevents overlap with the sticky Modbar or top of page)
  • Changed "Search.." placeholder text in the navbar QuickSearch field to a FontAwesome icon
  • Improved handling of the SplitCtrl dropdown arrow in navtabs when "Use whole navtab for menus" is not enabled
[Nulumia] Property Groups
  • Consolidated all sidebar settings into new property group [Nulumia] Sidebar Settings
  • Moved Sticky Modbar and Navigation into [Nulumia] Header Settings
  • Deleted [Nulumia] Sticky Settings group
  • Rearranged properties within the [Nulumia] Header Settings group for better organization
  • Added new Search property group and several properties to handle specific elements
  • Added two additional slides (total: 8)
  • Added new soft fade effect option on slide hover
  • Added new shine effects (choose from circle and wipe, more coming soon) on slide hover
  • Added manual snippet to insert slider template (Copy/Paste)
  • Moved all demo slides to SSL imgur.com embeds
  • Improved method to control padding of footer blocks during various layouts
  • Added property to control footer column headers separately
  • Added property to control the footer top row callout title
  • Added a second optional Top Row with default HTML content and Style Properties
  • Changed and improved the default primary Top Row HTML content for a cleaner appearance
  • Added extensive [bd] Widget Framework style support when adding Widget Framework blocks to the Nulumia Footer layout system
  • Added new option to move the footer links & chooser bar to below or above the legal area
  • Fixed a bug where social icons would inherit incorrect margins when enabled in the footer legal area
Mod Related
  • Reduce top margin on first articles item in Blogs and XenPorta 2
  • Modified Andy History template for better style targeting of the page description
  • Added improved handling for CrazyImProfileLinks plugin
  • Fixed a glitch where resource edit forms would have mis-aligned input rows with thread prefixes
  • Corrected color of links in Dragonbye Tech shout box
  • Added new properties to control the spacing and style of Andy's Donations and About Us page wrappers (available via [Nulumia] Addon Compatibility property group)