Simplicity Pro (+ 4 Theme Presets)

Simplicity Pro (+ 4 Theme Presets) 1.1.0

No permission to buy ($25.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
Single Site License
Updates duration
1 Year Free Updates. Further updates require license renewal.
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment

Simplicity Responsive Xenforo Style
Simplicity is a, well -- simple! -- and beautiful style for anyone looking for a minimal forum appearance. Though easy on the eye and fast loading, Simplicity Pro also comes packed with amazing features and customization options, giving you the tools to create any look you wish.

Powerful Features
While simple at first glance, Simplicity Pro comes bundled with amazing features - including our free slideshow system, professional footer block layout, sticky sidebar and navigation, Jquery background wallpaper slideshow, full screen video background and more.

Simplicity is also full responsive and works great on all your favorite mobile devices. Shipping in default blue, it's also a snap to create any color profile you wish by simply changing Xenforo's Color Palette sliders! Check out the screenshots in the gallery above to view just some of the sample styles we created in just several minutes.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Tested with over 60 Xenforo resources! A unique market feature, your style is already configured to look seamlessly compatible with many of the most popular Xenforo mods!
  • Compatible with XenPorta 2 Pro
  • Full screen background wallpapers
  • JQuery background slideshow feature - up to five wallpaper images!
  • Full screen video background mode
  • Floating content or boxed layout
  • Sticky sidebar, modbar, and navigation
  • Side by side nodes
  • Free slideshow system
  • Optional text-based logo system
  • Easy to change color palette
  • Google fonts
  • FontAwesome icons
  • Set sidebar to left, right, or disabled
  • Professional footer layout system
  • Use FontAwesome for node icons
  • Includes 11 optional background textures!
  • Logo Photoshop PSD
  • Instructions for install, upgrade, and customization
  • Five color presets

Check out what you can do with Simplicity Pro
Included presets:



Built with customization in mind
Simplicity Pro was designed and coded from the ground up with one motto: Make everything customizable. Unlike some themes, you aren't locked in to what's in the screenshots, nor is the theme intended to look a certain way. Simplicity Pro is meant to give you fast and easy tools to create the theme you want.

Use your creativity!
Featuring Simplicity Ocean preset


What is Simplicity Ocean?

Simplicity Ocean is just one example of what you can do with Simplicity’s built-in customization options, and was made in less than five minutes using the default theme!

Here’s how it was done:
  • Changed the style’s Xenforo Color Palette to use more ocean hues
  • Set Floating Content Mode to on
  • Enabled Video Background Mode and entered a free stock looping background video from
  • Set the floating text lightener setting to on
  • Entered custom slide images and footer parallax banner
… and voila! With Simplicity’s powerful customization options, you can change Simplicity in any way you wish, with countless possible ideas!


Purchase Simplicity Pro and get all five bundled presets, including the default theme! What’s more, you will get free access to all future bundled presets as they are released — just download the latest Simplicity files as we launch more creative and colorful presets!


Thinking about Xenforo 2?
Purchase Simplicity Pro for Xenforo 1.x and get instant access to the Xenforo 2 versions as they are released, at no extra charge. Customers must be in their active license period (one year from time of purchase with optional extension) to download future updates.

Background Textures
Simplicity packages 11 different optional background textures to use for your page’s background:

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Latest reviews

It got me just a couple of hours to configure the design of my site, a not so easy task, something that 5 commercial themes before, failed to do.

- Nice theme and really what you'll see is what you'll get.
- It comes with 5 different styles to choose, so it reduces the total time to configure something from scratch. Very useful.
- Image carousel and News slider, maybe simple in use, but working fine, including for free.
- I liked the grid design of nodes even if you can use the traditional design.
- Friendly, fast and most important with detailed replies support.

- Cons
Thanks so much for your review and means a lot that you enjoy the theme :-)!

Very much looking forward to rolling out even more features and improvements in the works, and hope that you will continue to get great use from the theme.

-Robert I.