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Silvertails MVP (Most valuable player/Man of the Match) System 1.2

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1.3, 1.4
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This is a xenforo plugin which allows you to run a "man of the match" or Most Valuable Player type system on sports forums.
You create a season, set the players and the games and generate a thread in a specific forum to allow your users to vote on the player of the round. At the end of the voting, you close off the round and this generates the final standings for you.

The system leverages the thread system for comments and voting allowing for a direct discussion on what users have voted on.

Votes can be configured in one of two ways, and are configured for the entire system rather than per season. Those two ways are

- Straight votes (vote for the player you felt was the best)
- 3-2-1 voting (Players are assigned 3 - for best player, 2 for second best and 1 for 3rd best)

Once voting has been completed, the standings can be calculated in one of 3 configured ways

- Straight vote - Each player gets the votes they were given, to go towards their overall season standing
- 3-2-1 Basic - This means that the top 3 overall points voted players for the round receive the 3-2-1 in standings, tie breaks are calculated where each player gets the correct points,
- 3-2-1 Strict - As above top player points get the 3 -2-1 points, in case of a tie break, the points are calculated as (players on points / sum(points of amount of players).

To further illustrate the Strict, settings if you have a distribution of
Player 1 - 10 points
Player 2 - 10 points
Player 3 - 9 points
Player 4 - 8 points

The standings points awarded would be
Player 1 & Player 2 = 2.5 points (1st points + 2nd Points / players on points)
Player 3 = 1 Point (Because there were two in first, we no longer award a 2nd and jump to 3rd place
Player 4 = 0 points

Permissions can be configured for any user to manage the system. The management permissions give users the ability to Add seasons, players and games and close rounds. All of this is managed on the UI rather than in the Admin section. The other configuration items are Admin controlled.
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I have this installed and it's excellent. Great support from silvertails in setting it up and in adjusting it to allow me to run multiple seasons simultaneously. Only installed yesterday but already lots of engagement from members. Great addon.