Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc)

Showcase (Reviews, Guides, Garage, Directory etc) 2.9.0

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This is a stunning piece of kit that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and the front end is just divine. Use it for showcasing items, use it as a library, use it as a gallery - the list can just go on and on.
Great developer! Her responds to feedback and was quick to provide support when I was DERPing my setup. Now that its working my community has totally fallen in love with it! Its like Resource Manager but MUCH MUCH more powerful and customizable.
Showcase is one of, if not the most customizable add-on available at xenforo which is all down to Bob (author) who has ensured stylers style with no issues this fine add-on. 5 stars? pfft nah this is a 100 star add-on and bob provides one of the best support experiences. 100 stars
Absolutely outstanding add-on for XF. Does exactly what it says in a very impressive way. Super responsive and friendly developer who actively encourages community feedback to keep Showcase moving forward. Regular updates and already looking forward to ensuring it works seemlessly with the next version of XF.
Amazing support. Great add-on. You can showcase anything you want. A lot of time and effort has gone into this, great work.
Excellent addon does exactly what we wanted it to do and the support is second to none,always has time even for the most stupid of questions
I am extremely impressed with this add-on. Great support and extremely powerful. I actually set up showcase exactly as I wanted it with only the readme and an example on demo site. My members love it. Big thanks for your efforts
Last year i bought XF + RM, than i saw showcase.
To late, with this addon you can do the same like with the RM and much more and more and more.
The best addon for XF i´ve seen.
A very good job Bob :)
An excellent addon for XF - Bob provides fantastic support and it extends the forum software significantly. Big thumbs up from me!
Hands down the most best add-on I have ever used. It's feature packed and EXTREMELY stable, to make things even better it gets constantly updated with new features and improvements.

The showcase is a really well coded, well designed and extremely versatile add-on that I feel every forum owner should have. To make things even better Bob is extremely nice, open and approachable when it comes to support and feature requests.

Highly recommended add-on and programmer!
From features to flexibility, to ease of install, this addon is a highly polished, premium resource that should be everyone's first stop if looking for a way to get information out there. Works for articles, custom profiles, locations, reviews... does it all!

Another hit from Bob. A+++
Great add on that I am using as a job posting resource. The support has been amazing as I have had a lot of questions which he has responded to lightning fast. Thank you!!
thanks, very nice!!!
great addon, great support
A versatile, well maintained add on! Updated frequently with many new features! 2.0.0 is even better. Keep up the great work with this awesome add on. Thanks!
Ideal add-on for a car/motor website. System is also flexible to graph information from custom fields into a page. Like it a lot!
Fantastic Add on, Bob is a great developer who takes great care in his work and support is absolutely brilliant.

Add on is worth every cent as development and support like this is well worth supporting!
Amazing system. Easy to customize for just about anything. I just renewed my license & couldn't be happier with the new update. *Raises glass*
This is by far my favourite add-on for XenForo. Running it on 3 sites, with 2 very different set ups. You can basically make it into anything you want! I have a Garage for showing off cars, and a Review centre for Hosting. Bob is a great developer, who is always willing to listen to what his customers want, and releasing great version after great version. Would give it 10 stars if possible!
TY for the kind words Matt!
Showcase works perfectly set up a a "Garage" on our Mustang Forums. It just works... exactly as I need it to work. Easy to handle, and Bob B was a tremendous help after the purchase, and much appreciated. I would recommend this add-on to anyone running XF!
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