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Share This Page Enhancement v1.0 2014-05-27

Share the love, people!

  1. Lisa
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.3
    Just a simple enhancement to move away from the standard look of the Share This Page section at the bottom of a thread/page.

    Go from this:-
    to this:-


    To achieve this small effect, first upload the image to your style directory (i've added a misc directory within my custom style for any additional images I use).

    In the share_page template, find:-
    <h3 class="textHeading larger">{xen:phrase share_this_page}</h3>
    and add beneath it:-

    <div class="shareLove"></div>
    Save the template and close it.

    Open your EXTRA.css and add the following:-

    .sharePage h3.larger.textHeading { display: none;     }
    .shareLove {background: url(@imagePath/xenforo/misc/share.png) left top no-repeat;  width: 118px; height: 46px; display: block;}
    Changing the url to reflect the directory you have uploaded the image to.
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