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Separate sticky threads from normal ones

Compatible XF 2.x versions
Here is how Separate sticky threads from normal ones

1- Go to template forum_view
2- find this code
<xf:macro template="thread_list_macros" name="item" arg-thread="{$thread}" arg-forum="{$forum}" />
3- Place this code below the above code and hit...
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Works as expected, and should be built into Xenforo. Now, if I can only find out how to change the little sticky pin graphic.

Thank you for the code!
why not use template modifications?
you will not hard edit when you change your theme.

thanks for share
Excellent work, well done.
Really useful sticky thread template modification!
Allot of members will find this modification useful.
Very nicely done, without need of add on for it.

Keep adding such add ons it will really help many.
I used this on xf 1 so to have it for xf 2 without needing addon is excellent , thank you very much for sharing this simple template mod which im sure will be popular with alot of members here
Im glad you liked it. Thanks for your words.