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Beta SEO & Index Tools 1.0.6 Beta 4

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Unusable addon. Unstable. Developer suddenly leaves for months without responding to anything. Avoid.
I purchased this add-on even when it was first introduced over 2 years ago (06/2020) to support development. The idea of the add-on is good. However, the developer doesn't maintaining the add-on that well. His customer service is not even compare to some free add-ons. Ignoring customer's complain is not the way to go!
That was a good lesson for me to never ever pay for Betta and never ever touch anything related to Nulumia even for free.
This add-on is pre-alpha. Instead of fixing existing bugs, the developer keeps adding more and more features introducing even more problem. Do not install on a production site.
Unusable as there are so many bugs, as it is, this add-on may cause you to lose SEO points rather than gain them.
No update made it possible to reach a usable version, on the contrary each of them added functionalities and compatibilities with other add-ons which themselves added new bugs.
The lack of communication from the developer for several weeks does not bode well for the future of this add-on.
This is a must-have add-on, a really supportive developer. Thank you so much Nulumis. I really appreciate your work.
Being an seo myself I've found this add on to be very helpful. It will move the needle if you utilize it's features.
It gets all stars from me. If there were more, I would click them too. There are certainly many nights and days of work behind it. For me, the use has been worth it. My forum is now in the Google rank on Wikipedia. For me it is worth any money in the world. I have already translated it into German. Was mega much stuff.
Hi Hausmeista, thanks for leaving the time to review, and thank you for your use and patience during the development/beta phase of this addon. I am glad you're able to use it to success for your site :-).

There are a great many features yet to come and in development, much work ahead but with commitment to eventually make this the most powerful solution available.

-Robert I.
Good and useful and needs improvement to become excellent

I gave the developer a tip that I hope he will take

thank you