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Sendy Newsletter Generator 1.3.0

Generate beautiful HTML newsletters of your most popular topics and send them out via Sendy.co

  1. Brent W
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    Sendy.co License Required
    Updates Duration:
    Lifetime License per Domain
    Visible Branding:

    Sendy.co Newsletter Generator (Now listed on their official website: https://sendy.co/api#xenforo)

    • Works Only With Sendy.co
    • Allow you to enable or disable the automatic creation of a newsletter using threads based on the follow criteria: Replies, Likes, Views over x Days
    • Allow you to adjust the size of the snippet that is generated from the first post of each thread in the newsletter.
    • Supports one ad image above thread list
    • Exclude individual forums from the newsletter
    • Exclude individual threads from the newsletter
    • The ability to feature threads. These threads will appear at the top of the list. If automatic creation of a newsletter is disabled, featured threads will appear on their own. Featured threads show up in the order that you list them on the options page, allowing you to organize them how you see fit.
    • Adjust the color of the newsletter via the options page
    • Add Facebook and Twitter links
    • Contact link in the footer
    • Unsubscribe link in the footer
    • Google Analytics campaign integration with campaign based on date the Newsletter is sent.
    • Fully phrased
    • Code and Preview are in the AdminCP and controlled by Admin Permissions.
    • Lightweight fully responsive template based on the Zurb framework.
    Example Newsletter
    You can view the web version of one of my completed Newsletters that was created with this add-on here:
    AspiesCentral.com - AspiesCentral.com
    ReligiousForums.com - Religious Forums

    Another neat feature is you can see, using Google Analytics Real Time feature, what newsletter your visitors are arriving from:


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Recent Reviews

  1. JamesBrown
    Version: 1.1.0
    I was spending a small fortune using Mailchimp sending out 30k newsletters a week. This add-on introduced me to Sendy and now those mails cost me just a few $. The cost of this addon and Senday was saved with my first newsletter! The newsletters bring members back to post, resubscribe and click on ads. The format of this is great and I just set aside half an hour each Friday to get the news out. An easy 5 stars
    1. Brent W
      Author's Response
      Thanks James for the review! We to were spending way more with Mailchimp before setting up Sendy. Haven't looked back since.