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[S70] Steam Authentication and Integration (Connected Accounts) - NOW WITH XF1 IMPORTING

[S70] Steam Authentication and Integration (Connected Accounts) - NOW WITH XF1 IMPORTING 1.6.0

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This update does not bring new features as there will be a much larger update coming very soon. This does, however, improve the codebase and make error logging significantly better—making support faster, easier, and more accurate.

So, I would still recommend this update for all customers.

  • Minor code refactoring and improvements
  • Better and more graceful handling of errors
  • Adjustment to the width of the Steam banner. Fixes a minor issue on the connected account screen for users with short Steam names.
  • Fix UI.X Steam banner compatibility issue when using bottom positioning option
  • Prevented Steam banner from being displayed on simple profiles (E.g., status comments)
  • Fix logging Steam ID change when Steam API is down
  • Fix banner compatibility issues with certain heavily modified themes
  • Allow repositioning of the Steam banner (hidden, below user extras, and above user extras)
  • Fix user list sometimes displaying the wrong Steam IDs
  • Fixed text alignment on custom themes.
  • Fixed banner height changing after being fully loaded.
  • Hide banner until until profile has been loaded.
  • Supports PHP 5.4 and newer
  • Fixed an issue preventing modification of connected accounts
  • Switched from hardcoded permission settings to proper permission nodes.
  • Added optional Steam banners to the postbit.
  • Added easy admin navigation for setup, settings, and the user listing.
  • Added a list of connected Steam users. Properly filterable as well.
You will need to reconfigure your permissions. This includes things like "allow disassociation". These are now proper user/group-based permissions NOT global ones like before.


  1. You can now import Steam data from HowIChrgeLazer's Steam authentication for XenForo 1.
  2. Added the ability to prevent non-Steam registration. This both hides the standard registration fields and social buttons along with completely preventing the standard registration code from running.
  3. Associations and dissociations are now logged in the admin panel.
  4. The Steam button has had some styling applied to it. Now, it includes the Steam icon.
Importing guide:
Before installing XenForo 2, do NOT uninstall your XenForo 1 Steam integration. You can disable it if you wish. But, doing a complete uninstall will delete the necessary data from the XenForo 1 database.

Next, go ahead and upgrade to XenForo 2. And, once you install our add-on, it should automatically migrate your existing users to the new system. After that, you can go ahead and uninstall your old add-on.

Note: Please make sure you backup your data prior to running any upgrades - official or otherwise.


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Added an option to disable dissociation of Steam accounts. This is useful for communities that require Steam IDs.

If your account is only tied to Steam, not only does it prevent you from dissociating your account, it hides the entire dissociation text altogether.

However, if you have many different accounts connected, it only prevents you from dissociating your Steam account. So, this will not conflict with other providers (E.g., Facebook).


Likes: Tealk