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Unmaintained Resource Category User View Permissions 1.0.1

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Resource Category User View Permissions
by ExtraLicense

This addon allows you to choose to which usergroups a resource category is visible to.

How does it work?
In every Resource Category you can select which groups have access to that category. It looks like this in the ACP:

Installation Instructions:
This addon is Auto Installer Approved.

If you do not have Auto Installer installed, you can install it by doing the following:
  • Upload the content of the upload/library directory to your forum's library directory.
  • Install via the XML file in your admin center
Additional Information
  • This addon has 1 new Admin Template
  • This addon has 1 new Phrase
Likes: CFodder
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bugfix

    Fixed a bug where an error message could show at resources that were uploaded before the addon...

Latest reviews

Very nice little addon that does exactly what it says :).
I like it!