Resize 2.4

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Resize v2.4 changes:

Now possible to only add a border without resizing.
Resize v2.3 changes:

Added checkbox for border. Also added 1600px resize option.
Resize v2.2 changes:

Added option to add a border to all resized attachments.
Resize v2.1 changes:

Fixed resize function when using in conversation and Imagick PECL is enabled.
Resize v2.0 changes:

Fixed issue when Imagemagick PECL extension is not selected and image to be resized is a PNG.
Resize v1.9 changes:

No longer requires a specific image handler. File system operations now using XenForo file functions.
Resize v1.8 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Resize v1.7 changes:

Fixed incorrect variable name in conversation resize function.

Resize v1.6 changes:

It's now also possible to resize attached images in conversations.
Resize v1.5 changes:

Added option to resize by 50 percent.
Resize v1.3 changes:

Updated phrases.