Report Improvements by Xon

Report Improvements by Xon 2.12.7

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  • Fix that "resolve report" checkbox could be shown to users who can't resolve reports when issuing warnings
  • Do not log new report comments as 'edits' into the moderator log
    • Prune moderation log of incorrect 'edit' entries
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  • Fixes for discovering non-moderators that can be assigned to reports
    • Support Report Center Essentials per report queues permissions
    • Prevent catastrophically bad performance when the site has a very large number of users
  • XF2.2.8 compatibility update for reverse report comment feature
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  • Fix additional blank form row when reporting a post on a non-reported/warned/thread banned user
  • Fix 'Attempt to read property "user_id" on null' on report search results for deleted users when the viewer can not view reporter's usernames
  • Fix error reverting edit history for a report comment
  • Fix leaving a report in an open state when issuing a thread replyban and warning and the option to resolve the report is used.
  • Fix "Call to a member function hydrateRelation() on null" error when a reply-ban references a hard-deleted thread
  • If installed, strongly recommend updating to Warning Improvements v2.7.3+ after installing this add-on
  • If installed, strongly recommend updating to Report Centre Essentials v2.6.4+ after installing this add-on
  • Fix incorrectly stating a new report will be created when issuing a warning
  • Fix edge case where report resolve alerts where not sent as expected when issuing warnings
  • Reduce N+1 query behaviour with many thread reply bans on a report
  • Reshuffle permissions to support per-report queue permissions.
    • Requires Report Centre Essentials to activate per-report queue permissions, and per-report queue permissions analysis
  • Log the user's IP when a user makes a report or a moderator comments on a report
  • Log warning public banner into reports
  • Add preview support for report comments
  • Add edit support for report comments
  • Add attachment support for report comments
  • Support using Persistent Alert add-on's xf_user_alert.sv_container_id when checking for report comment alerts for hopefully improved performance on alerting
  • Fix report title's been indexed into search as escaped
    • Re-indexing reports/reports comments really only matters if using ElasticSearch Essential's exact title match feature.
  • Fix double escaping when rendering report titles in search results