Report Alerts

Report Alerts 2.2.2

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You must uninstall the previous version before installing the new version!
  1. Uninstall the add-on from your Admin Control Panel
  2. Delete the Jrahmy/ReportCommentAlert folder from your library folder
This release expands the add-on to alert all pertinent moderators when a report is created, as well as include status changes in follow-up alerts.

Thus, the add-on has been renamed to just 'Report Alerts'.

Please let me know if there are any questions or problems with the new release.

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Sorry, I should probably start waiting until I wake up to release anything after working so late. The previous download was botched again.

All sorted.
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This release improves on overhead introduced in the previous release.
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The download now contains the expected files.
EDIT: Don't upgrade, investigating bug...

This release checks for existing unread alerts before pushing out new ones.
This update corrects a problem in the build process that caused the XML file to be excluded from the previous release.
This release fixes a conflict with @digitalpoint's Search add-on.

Thanks @The Sandman
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The code has been rewritten to take advantages of new features offered by more recent XenForo versions.

You must uninstall the previous version completely before installing the new one!

To uninstall:
  1. Uninstall the add-on via the Administration Control Panel
  2. Completely remove the library/ReportCommentAlert directory
After uninstalling the previous version, install the update as specified in the README.

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Hey everyone,

I'm getting ready to start a rewrite of this addon so I wanted to give everybody the opportunity to voice their suggestions and concerns before I begin.

It should first be noted that I am not planning on supporting PHP versions below 5.3. It is my goal to support 5.4+ only so please let me know if you are not running PHP 5.4+.

I am not currently planning on adding any functionality, but just bringing the addon up to par with XF 1.3 and recent PHP changes.

However, I welcome suggestions in the discussion thread if there's additional features you'd like to see added. I don't want to add niche features so please "like" somebody else's suggestion if it would benefit you.

Thank you!