Remove Gender

Remove Gender 1.3

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Simple, clean, perfect. Just what I was looking for (and also the remove date of birth tool) since my site is privacy oriented and it's no one's business who our visitors are. :)
I'm sending a donation to provide additional encouragement for the future! Thanks!! /Steve Gibson.
One less registration and profile option for users to shy away from. Thanks AndyB. Always has the best add-ons. Please donate because his add-ons are all free and excellent.
This addon is absolutely essential to communities that recognize non-binary genders. I have been using this addon ever sine I switched over to Xenforo and am greatful for its existence. Thank you for the prompt update to 1.4!
Remove Gender now removes as many instances of the default option as I can find in code (literally). Thank you, AndyB!
As an administrator of a community that recognizes that there are genders outside the regular gender binary, I appreciate this modification. I will be using it and using a custom field as a gender.