[rellect] Reply Ban Plus

[rellect] Reply Ban Plus 1.2.0

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  • Improvements to code.
  • Added a tooltip to the lift ban link to show when ban will be expired. It will also show the reason of the ban if specified.

Some files were moved due to the new code structure:
  • Old: library/rellect/ReplyBan/ControllerPublic/Post.php
    New: library/rellect/ReplyBan/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Post.php

  • Old: library/rellect/ReplyBan/ControllerPublic/Thread.php
    New: library/rellect/ReplyBan/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Thread.php

  • Old: library/rellect/ReplyBan/Model/Thread.php
    New: library/rellect/ReplyBan/XenForo/Model/Thread.php
Some phrase names were changed for consistency (if you edited these phrases, this may remove your edits)
  • Old: rellect_replyban_are_you_sure_you_want_to_lift_ban_of_x
    New: rellect_reply_ban_are_you_sure_you_want_to_lift_ban_of_x

  • Old: rellect_replyban_lift_reply_ban
    New: rellect_reply_ban_lift_reply_ban

  • Old: rellect_replyban_reply_ban
    New: rellect_reply_ban_reply_ban

  • Old: rellect_replyban_the_following_users_cannot_be_banned_x

  • Old: rellect_replyban_the_following_users_could_not_be_found_x
    New: rellect_reply_ban_the_following_users_could_not_be_found_x

  • Old: rellect_replyban_this_user_still_able_to_view_thread_not_reply
    New: rellect_reply_ban_this_user_still_able_to_view_thread_not_reply

  • Old: rellect_replyban_user_is_not_banned
    New: rellect_reply_ban_user_is_not_banned

  • Old: rellect_replyban_user_names
    New: rellect_reply_ban_user_names

Some template names were changed for consistency (if you edited these templates, this may remove your edits):
  • Old: rellect_replyban_lift_confir
    New: rellect_reply_ban_lift_confirm

  • Old: rellect_replyban_post_action
    New: rellect_reply_ban_post_action
What's new
  1. Fixed a wrong node permission check (as a result the quick link to ban wasn't present in the posts).

  2. Fixed the permission to reply ban in own threads.

  3. XenForo does not allow to reply ban staff members by default, but since Reply Ban Plus allows you to choose which user groups are protected, I removed the check of staff members.
    This means that if a staff member is not in a protected user group, he can now be reply banned. This allows more flexibility with the permissions.

  4. The error message about a user that cannot be banned will now include multiple usernames. Previously if you tried to ban multiple users and few of them couldn't be banned, the error complained about one user each time. Now the error will include all users at the same error.

  5. Corrected error phrases to avoid confusion.
    When trying to reply ban multiple users while few of them cannot be banned, you'll get an error. In such case, no one of the specified users will be banned. Some moderators may think that while there are users that couldn't be banned, the other specified users are successfully banned. To avoid this confusion, the error is now specifically says that the action couldn't be completed.

Removed Phrases
- rellect_replyban_x_is_staff_member_and_cannot_be_banned
- rellect_reply_ban_x_cannot_be_banned

New Phrases
- rellect_replyban_the_following_users_cannot_be_banned_x
This phrase replaces rellect_reply_ban_x_cannot_be_banned
What's new
  1. Added file health check to verify that all files uploaded correctly and have the expected content.

  2. New permission: Allow user to reply ban in their own threads.
    Now you can reduce reports from users by letting them more control over their threads.
    Note that the ability to send alert about the ban is disabled cause users may abuse this. Admins or moderators with the global permission to give reply bans can send alerts as usual.

  3. New permission: Protect users/usergroups from being reply banned.
    Since users can now give reply bans, they probably should not be able to ban anyone they want. So this is a permissions to protect groups from being reply banned.
The new permissions are also forum specific. Meaning you can specify different permissions for each forum.