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[rellect] Likes Summary 1.2.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
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This addon adds the likes summary line into each thread in the forum threads list.
This way you can see how many liked the thread without entering into it.

Content with a lot of likes is attractive to read. This can indicate how popular is a thread, and tempt more viewers to enter into the thread.

  1. See how many liked a thread
    • Option to count by first post likes
    • Option to count by total likes in the thread
  2. List the members who liked the first post in the thread
  3. Order threads by likes
    • Option to disable this funtion
    • Option to order threads by first post likes
    • Option to order threads by total likes
  4. Enable/Disable setting per forum
  5. Efficient - doesn't add additional queries



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Latest updates

  1. v1.2.1

    Fixed conflict with [TH] Last Post Avatar
  2. v1.2.0

    Added a new counting method. So far the displayed likes were the likes of the first post in the...
  3. v1.1.0

    What's new Added a setting to display likes summary only in chosen forums. The setting is in...

Latest reviews

I am giving this add-on 5 stars. I am really happy with the recent updates. Now admin's can choose between the total likes of the "first post" or "total likes" of the whole thread.

I find knowing the total likes within the whole thread very useful especially in forums where members post just photosets. This will be extremely fun and attracive .

Good Support. Ive bought another one of your add-ons.

Thank you very much sir!!
The add-on is great and behaves exactly as described. The code is well-structured, easy to tweak and it's clear the author has put a lot of thought into ensuring the resource doesn't adversely impact the performance of the forum. When I had some questions before purchasing the add-on I got a very prompt, detailed response from the author. I'll most likely be using the add-on for a 'feature requests' section of a site I'm working on.
Cool idea about using it as indicator for suggestions popularity. Thanks for your feedback!
Exactly what I was looking for, the addon is perfect and very useful, installed in my xenforo 1.4.5, and everything ok, great addon and great developer, thanks so much!