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Unmaintained Reckons Team Marketplace 1.0.0 Release Candidate 4

Marketplace add-on with physical products, automatic shipping status update and more!

  1. batpool52!
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    PHP Extensions: intl, curl, geoip (for feature I plan on adding in future surprise surprise ;))
    Updates Duration:
    12 months
    Visible Branding:
    Yes, but removable with payment
    About this add-on
    This add-on is designed to full-fill the requirements of the users who have been asking for a good marketplace add-on with wide range of options. This add-on contains few features which are not available in the any publicly available eCommerance platform till today (unless my research failed).

    Features List
    • Categories with nested category support
    • Multi-vendor based product listing
    • Over 120+ currencies supported with automatic currency conversion
    • Currency Conversion Rates automatically update every 24 hours
    • Over 240+ countries supported when adding shipping address or anything that requires a physical address
    • Over 4000+ state / region supported when adding shipping address or anything that requires a physical address
    • Custom fields which can be used to share more details about the product (Eg. DDR type or processor socket)
    • Automatic shipping progress updates with notification via AfterShip API
    • Searchable custom fields which allow your users to find the right products per value set in the custom fields
    • Global discount coupon code which has great conditional usage
      • Select either flat discount or a fee discount
      • Select a date period that the discount code will be valid
      • Select which currency would this coupon code be valid (currency set by the item seller)
      • Select which primary or secondary group can use the coupon code.
      • Select which categories can a coupon be used in
    • Feedback feature which allows your users to write feedback about the customer or seller.
    • Review system which allows users to review the product and its features
    • Review comments will allow your users to comment on a review and discuss it further
    • Wide range of features that allow greater control over virtually everything in this add-on
    • Chained Payment support, this feature will allow you to earn a certain percentage of earning for every payment made. Please note that this feature is not widely supported by all payment processors.
    • Customer Central
      • Your Cart: Area where a user can view what items are currently needs a update or needs any kind of interaction
      • Your Purchases: Area where a user see his purchases history and license number which are attached to each purchase for both physical and digital products
      • Shipping Addresses: Area where a user can add, edit or remove shipping address which are not in use in any order.
    • Vendor Central
      • Payment Processor Configurations: Allows your users to configure their payment processor configuration
      • Shipping Speeds: Allows your users to set a estimated shipping duration with price so that they can charge for shipping products from one location to another at different price
      • Orders: Allows your user to see every purchases that were made from his products
    • Wide range of integration within XenForo includes
      • Warning on reviews, review comments, feedbacks and items
      • Moderator logging on reviews, review comments, feedbacks and items
      • Moderation queue on reviews, review comments, feedbacks and items
      • Reporting support on reviews, review comments, feedbacks and items
      • Statistics for reviews, review comments, feedbacks and items in ACP
      • News feed integration for review, review comment, feedbacks
      • Likes integration for reviews, review comments, feedbacks
    • Product Updates History in sidebar for for digital products
    • Add items as guest and checkout as member
    • Simple user interface to download digital products which can be easily extended for your own need.
    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10.png 11.png 12.png 13.png 14.png 15.png 16.png 17.png 18.png 19.png 20.png
    More screenshots: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/reckons-team-marketplace-paid.108011/

    Supported Payment Processors
    1. PayPal

    You will need to install Reckons Team Core (which is a dependency for this marketplace and any of my add-ons from this date). It can be found in the same archive as the add-on archive.

    Stage 1
    1. Download and extract the archive to a temporary working location
    2. Upload the contents of 'upload' directory to your XenForo forum root directory
    3. Import XML file named 'addon-rtMarketplace.xml' via Admin CP and click on "Install Add-on"
    4. Visit our API access page and generate a API key for your installation
    5. Now enter the newly generated API key in Admin CP > Options > Reckons Team Core > API Key and save changes
    6. While in Admin CP click on Rebuild Caches which can be found under Tools navigation tab and then rebuild currency conversion rates
    7. Now you can configure your PayPal or any other payment processors available under Admin CP > Applications > Reckons Team Marketplace > Marketplace Processors
    Stage 2 (Required if the marketplace would be used for shipping physical products)
    1. Login to your Admin CP
    2. Open Reckons Team Marketplace options from Admin CP > Options
    3. Copy the value of text field named Aftership Webhook Secret Key (if the field is empty then you can enter your own random string, then click on "Save Changes") to a safe location.
    4. Login or Sign-up at AfterShip (use this link if you don't want to make use of affiliate)
    5. Choose Settings from navigation tab
    6. Select Webhook tab and enter the value
      and click on "Update".
    7. In AfterShip website, now click on Apps and then choose API
    8. Generate a new API key with your forum name and make note of the API key that is generated
    9. Now in Admin CP enter the API key generated from AfterShip API page in text field named AfterShip API Key and Save Changes
    Support & Bug Fixes
    • Please post any Bug Reports directly on a dedicated forum for it on my website.
    • Please post any Suggestions directly on a dedicated forum for it on my website.
    • For proper support please ask any questions directly on dedicated forum for it on my website.
    Callbacks and API System
    Updating currency exchange rates either manually from Admin CP > Tools or automatically once per day via cron system requires sending API requests to my server with these details
    • Server IP Address
    • Domain Name
    $90 = Single License
    $120 = Branding Removal
    $30 = 12 Months update renewal
    $20 = Installation Service for this add-on if you feel uncomfortable (Please start a private conversation with me)

    The above pricing table is for early adapters only. When the addon moves to a stable release the prices will increase.

    License Agreement
    Please make sure you agree to the license agreement found here.

    Special Thanks List
    • AfterShip who were kind enough to grant me a developer account
    • Edward from AfterShip who helped me solving issues I faced
    • Members of XenForo who requested features and anonymous suggestions
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Recent Reviews

  1. Artenen
    Version: 1.0.0 Release Candidate 4
    Paid $90 then $120 for branding removal (he took $60 off because I bought resource manager). This is Beta... it's riddled with problems from digital download tab not showing on some templates to basic store functions like allowing a customer to pick a size or color of something. What has been done is pretty well done, some stuff was fixed fast, other times it seems the developer doesn't care (or answers things brashly). This is massively expensive compared to the other market add-on offered. If you look at his site, you'll see how he responds on some things... don't expect much at this stage.

    I mean, you can't even add multiple products to the cart... I hope it improves and I'm doing everything I can to point out what needs to be fixed. I want to help but I needed to post this review of progress thus far. Again, beta I get it... but this has been beta for a long time. If this would work 100%, this thing would be untouchable as a xenforo market / store. I hope that becomes the case and I wish the developer all the best.