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Unmaintained Reckons Team Better Tags 1.0.1

Better tags usage that makes use of Wikipedia to get information about each and every tag.

  1. batpool52!
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
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    This add-on allows the forum to make better use of content tags in various ways. The features that are included in this add-on are:
    • Adds a big improvement to XenForo content tagging system which allows users to tag with a meaning.
    • Make use of microdata for tags list (both in tags cloud and tags listing)
    • Adds a nice overlay when hovered on a content tag which allows:
      • User to know what does the content tag means if it has any meaning, if it does then creates a new page for it which contains information about it which is scraped from Wikipedia (Google gives priority to Wikipedia so...).
      • User to find which user has used the tag most in last 7 days, 30 days and all time back in history
      • Allows users to find content with this tags
    • Adds trending tags similar to Twitter's trending hash tags
    • Adds option to follow tags and get alerted whenever new content is created with specific tag
    • Use thread prefixes as content tags.
    Trending tags in sidebar

    Overlay that appears when hovered on a tag with the information obtained from wikipedia stripped to a certain length, this length can be configured under Admin CP.

    List of users who have used a specific time the most in all time or last 7 days or last 30 days.

    New page with a description taken directly from Wikipedia for each tags. Each of the these information pages are added to sitemaps as well which allows you to gain additional page views whenever possible.

    Options available under Admin CP.

    Style properties which allows you to customize the look and feel of tag tooltips.

    Follow content tag

    Unfollow content tag

    Tags you follow link under user account pop-up

    Manage tags you follow

    Use tag as thread prefix when possible

    Purchasing Details:
    Please start a conversation with me on my forum or here to get the payment gateway information. Currently only PayPal is supported.

    To start a conversation with me here, click here.
    To start a conversation with me on my forum, click here.

    License Information:
    Each license purchased is valid for single domain only.

    Other Disclaimer:
    Anyone found sharing the add-on on 3rd party site without my permission will have their license revoked.


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