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Purchase xFPoints with Paypal 1.0

This will allow your members to purchase more points using PayPal

  1. Da Bookie Mon
    I have seen a lot of requests for this sort of feature. Big thanks to both Jake and Bobster for helping me in the right direction of getting this working.

    This add-on will allow your members to purchase points for your xF Points AKA My Points, using the user upgrades system. Once purchased, points are added on the fly to that members account.


    Can a member purchase more then once? Yes! When the order is processed on the fly to add their points, the system also expires the order at that time allowing them to purchase at anytime again, rather then making them wait for a subscription to expire.

    Can points be added when a member purchases a premium subscription? Yes, you can include any amount of points you like with other user upgrades you offer if you choose to do so.

    Can I still offer other user upgrades without also offering points? Yes, It will only add the point amount to the upgrades you choose.

    I will continue to support this add-on with xF 1.2 at no extra cost.

    License covers one install. If you plan to use on more then one install, you will need to purchase a license for each.
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