Primary for Forums

Primary for Forums 1.00

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How will you use my content exactly?

  • We group products into theme-based, SEO-friendly landing pages.
  • We index only snippets of forum posts (never the full post).
  • We display the full text of original posts, and of specific posts that talk about a product (but still only index snippets).
  • We always link back to your forum so you get traffic and backlinks.
  • Visitors to Primary can ask questions, which we post to your forum.
  • We never sell or share your forum or user data.
How will this affect traffic to my site?

  • We optimize SEO for products and themes, not for individual threads or posts so that we don’t directly compete with your pages and can drive more traffic to you.
  • We target search traffic that currently goes to low-quality product sites.
  • Over half of visitor’s clicks on Primary go back to forums.