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Primary by Threadloom identifies products that your users are discussing and automatically creates monetizable assets for your site. Primary allows you to display the most discussed products in each node, insert featured products into your Threadloom Newsletter, and automatically creates SEO-friendly product lists. All of these assets are monetized through affiliate links. During our beta, forums saw affiliate revenue increase by as much as 162% without cannibalizing ad revenue.

We are currently launching one forum per topic (e.g. Tesla cars). Selection is based on sign-up order and quality of content. We plan to expand to multiple forums per topic later this year and encourage you to sign up even if your topic has been claimed.

There are three ways to use Primary to help monetize your forum:
  • Primary Explorer is a widget that shows products relevant to a thread or node. It lets you earn additional revenue and engage drive-by visitors. You control what it looks like, where it appears, and who sees it. For instance, you can choose to show it to only logged-out visitors.
  • Threadloom Newsletter now includes an option to automatically insert products into each issue.
  • Product Lists (formerly “Collections”) are SEO-friendly landing pages featuring products discussed on your forum.

Examples of Primary Explorer: Hardline Crawlers, TNDeer, Long Range Hunting
Examples of Threadloom Newsletter: Hardline Crawlers, TNDeer, Long Range Hunting
Examples of Product Lists: get these from blog posts: Long Range Scopes, Products & Accessories for Model 3, Products & Accessories for Bass Guitar
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