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If you are like me, you don't want every thread in your forum to be sent "automatically" to your forum's twitter account, especially for busy forums. This template modification plus a small php script will give your forum moderators the freedom to send any thread to the forum's twitter account. You won't need to give the Mods a direct access to the account.

Every thread will have a twitter blue button next to the inline moderation buttons (as in the following image):

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 1.47.09 AM.png


First: PHP script
  1. Unpack the attached download file into your forum directory.
  2. Modify "config.php" with:
    1. Twitter App information. (You can obtain one from
    2. Database Information.
    3. Site URL (without the trailing slash)
    4. Adjust the strings to your translation needs.
Second: Template Modification
  1. In template "thread_view" find the following:
                        <xf:if is="$canInlineMod">
                            <xf:macro template="inline_mod_macros" name="button" />
  2. Replace it with the following:
                        <xf:if is="$canInlineMod">
                        <span class="tweet"><a class="shareButtons-button shareButtons-button--twitter" target="_New" href="'tweetpost/tweet.php?id={$thread.thread_id}&title={$thread.title}&username={$thread.username}&action=update','mywindowtitle','width=500,height=150')"><i aria-hidden="true"></i></a></span>
                        <xf:if is="$canInlineMod">
                            <xf:macro template="inline_mod_macros" name="button" />
Third: Database Table Creation
  1. Find the sql file included "tweeted_threads.sql" (You can find it in the folder created above)
  2. Run it in your forum database to create the required table.

That's it.
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