Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level

Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level 1.7.5

No permission to buy (£20.00)
Brilliant Update, Really good work to DarkImmortal for the constant development of this most excellent add-on

Again I have to update my review. The longer one works with an add-on the more experience is gained for a more accurate review.

Since my first use of this add-on everything worked like advertised. The add-on does a fantastic job in enhancing the "like" feature of XenForo. Replacing and adding more ratings is idiot proof, you can adjust the settings in the ACP (with more settings coming in future releases), there are no encountered bugs and you can still use the old "like" system any time.

After a couple of weeks I thought how I can style the output of this add-on for my personal preferences. I am not an expert in this regard but managed to make two small mods myself. For the third mod I needed help which was granted after a small delay by the dev.

To conclude this review I am going to make a quick summary:

- Add-on works like advertised
- Price is reasonable
- Integrates seemlessly with XenForo
- Idiot proof ACP management
- Support is there
- Fun

5 stars and a recommendation from me.
Very great addon. Works perfectly and give our user much more possibilities to rate posting. Thanks for it!
Great! Thank you!
It works very great with the style and addons on my forum. Love it!
Another flawless update and a very accommodating developer adding even more requests. Excellent add-on.
Brilliant update from a suggestion I made and was implemented instantly. Very accommodating developer, not to mention a great add-on for your community.
Absolutely love this add-on. Members have a ton of fun, and I personally love it. Cannot wait to see the future of where this is to go :)
This update is performing great so far, thanks as always!
Tons of feature, options and a top notch quality add-on. Excellent support also from DarkImmortal.
Love this mod so much, just picked up a second copy :D
This is such a fantastic mod. My users love it! Thank you :)
A really great add-on here, my members and I will have some awesome fun with it :)
Initially my members were a bit unsure about the additional options available by using this mod, but as time has progressed there's been a real fun-factor involved with the members in thinking up new ratings. We've found that ratings are used far more than simple likes nowadays! Love this mod, and support and updates are fantastic.
Installed easily. Functions well. Very nice add-on.
I've always wanted the option to thumbsdown. Thanks! No other add-on does this.
Amazing add-on. Fits seamlessly, you would think it was part of XenForo core it meshes so well.
Outstanding idea
An outstanding feature that has gone well used on my forum and increased participation. The latest update has an amazing array of new features (many taken right from community suggestions) that will be very useful to us. With special attention given to resource usage as well, I can't recommend this highly enough!